Solo Nightfall - Sepiks Prime fight

I was bored so I decided to play around with Share Factory and quickly cut up the boss battle Sepiks Prime. I figured I’d post my strategy here as to be honest, going into the fight I was unsure how to manage the fight solo. Turns out you can just sit in the room to the left for the majority of it, lol.

I completed the nightfall completely solo, on my first attempt without any prior read up on any other tips. It’s actually a pretty straight forward strike, so if anyone needs help, let me know.

Also, word of warning, no matter how comfortable you get, watch out for the devil walkers cannon… it nearly got me -

Also, one last fun gif -

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Which auto rifle are you using?

Yep, that is my favorite room. Ended up having to ‘solo’ it the other day as the two I was with died a distance away.


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I’m using Atheons Epilogue. It’s an auto rifle that dropped from the Raid.

Looks nice. I want one!

I love it. Does Void damage to, so it’s heaven when Void Burn is active :smiley: