Solo'd This Weeks Nightfall Strike 9/26 -Can take people thru it

Taking a page from @Grumbles book.

I Solo’d this weeks nightfall strike, takes about 30 minutes.
Hit me up on PSN Friday between 9PM and 12AM EST if you want me to take you thru it.
First come first serve
If I need to back someone up on VOG I can reschedule with you.
I think you may have to be L25 for Nightfall to be available??

This was my guide:


Man I need to make a warlock! ; )

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I’m sad because the Clan box was empty… :smirk:

Great job! You are proving yourself a great asset to this community in a very short time. Thanks for your constant willingness to share and help people out. +1

I noticed that too, I think it’s a bug with

Let me know if you want me to run thru it with you @tommy2118 once you complete the nightfall you get an XP buff for 3 days iirc.

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If you are available sometime tonight after 12 or tomorrow I would love for you to do this with me. I have recently leveled a hunter and I am really loving the class a lot and it would be awesome to get a shot at good gear. Thanks for doing this man.

Sounds good, I’ll save a slot in my Party for you at 12:00AM EST.

Okay, I know you are on late like I am so I think it will work. It all just depends on if I still have people over but once that is done I will get on asap. Maybe tomorrow if anything if you are not burned out on it by then :slight_smile:

@Hi_Voltg3 yep I’ll be on 9ish tomorrow night, and during the day.

Okay, I will message you tonight if the timing is right but go ahead and do the raid. I don’t want to keep you waiting or anything. I have allll day tomorrow too but if we can fit it in tonight that’s cool too. I really appreciate it.

Sure that sounds good, I should be on like 11A ->3PM then from 9PM ->?? on Saturday.

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Sounds great, we can plan accordingly then.

Thanks much @skullkontrol ! I managed to get this week’s warlock exotic as a reward so I dont even need to buy it.

Yeah, man. I really appreciate you running me and Moro through. Thanks a lot :smile: