Soloed this week's Nightfall Strike 9/20

I watched a video of someone solo-ing this week’s Nightfall Heroic Strike and figured “why not me too”. Took me 54 minutes, killing 103 enemies, and receiving the Epitaph 2241 Legendary Sniper. (The void damage version, which is good because I already had the arc damage one) I also have a pretty sweet buff that increases all XP gains for the rest of the week.

If anyone wants help with this let me know and Ill be glad to talk you through it or run it with you if I’m available. Cheers!

Here’s a link to the video that inspired it. I pretty much followed his strategy so our runs were similar:

And the screenshots:

EDIT: Pictures were cropped. Fixed them though.


Dude, I noticed you doing that earlier, alone, and I thought about joining, but my mad mathamation skillz told me two would not be enough. Apparenty it’s too many. Good job man.

VERY nice job. Would this be something only a warlock can do because of self rez?

No its actually not necessary to be a warlock, just a nice safety net in case you overstep. I only used it once early on, otherwise a clean sweep. With two people itd be really easy once you get the hang of it.

Nice to know! I know I’d choke at the end… you got nerves of steel

DJ Grumbles does it again!

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How did you beat the end boss

Awesome, thank you for sharing. I’m going to have to try it.

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Dude that is sick. You were rewarded well I see.

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Do you have to be a certain level to access Nightfall strikes? I haven’t seen them in-game before.

I think it unlocks at 25 or 26

@Grumbles how did you manage your ammo? Did you stock up on special and heavy ammo? How much do you think you consumed? I’m asking because I just tried it and found I’m eating up my heavy and special ammo types :sunny:

So you always stay in the room before the boss. Clear as many adds as you can and free the boss.

So if you’re too far forward the Shrieker will spawn in that room with you and a witch will enter as well, just be ready for this and immediately run back to behind the previous room’s door. (Careful not to run too far away as you’ll get ported out if you do - just a few steps in and to the side is good enough). After a few seconds the witch and Shrieker will despawn.

I used rockets first in the doorway, one at a time. Then I crouched in the first doorway of the room, the one you hid behind, you should be able to see a sliver of the boss if he’s positioned luckily - could take a few tries. From there his shots hit the rock outcropping before you, and you’re free to whittle him down.

I had a void sniper doing double damage. Use your ammo synthesis and whittle him down. My blue void sniper was hitting him for 1k and it took about 3 Ammo synths before he died. Good luck!

Yes ammo is definitely the name of the game here.

Enemy w/o shield and I use primary. All Knights get Void Fusion Rifle. Takes about three bursts to put one down. Witches get rockets with fusion rifle and grenade spam.

It helps too if you let the thralls and acolytes get as close possible before killing them so you can harvest your special ammos. That being said you will definitely have to use your ammo synths. I used one heavy to spam rockets on the witches that come on the first ‘boss’ and I think three special on the last one to snipe.

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Shit maybe ill try this tonight.

Does anyone want to try this as a group in like an hour?

It worked perfectly got a legendary fusion rifle out of it!

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