Soloing Zone 5 DA:I MP

Soloing DA:I MP Routine:


Thanks @Vocino still have no idea how to do that lol.

Awesome job there @DrizztDo_Urden69

Thanks brother, didn’t think I was gonna make it but all that guard is amazing haha.

Haha, ya it started to get a bit tight, but damn does that guard really help.

Yeah I had tried with my Lvl 20 keeper, but the Barrier only lasts for so long and can only be out back up so quickly, found the guard is way more effective for soloing. Trying to put all points into defensive and try to solo a threatening once my Templar hits 20.

Damn, my highest character is a level 13 archer, lol.

Haha I have 1 20, all the classes unlocked and all but 4 at around 10 I think