[Somber] Likely the final update re: TotalBiscuit's health


Like many, I’ve been following TB on and off for years… probably the better part of a decade at this point. I’ve enjoyed most of his content, even when I disagree with his conclusions. His passion for gaming fuels his top-notch production and high standards, both of which I enjoy as a member of the gaming community and audience.

He’s been fighting cancer with his trademark superhuman stubbornness for years. Things looked good for a bit, but, as of now, his chances for survival are in all likelihood lost. This hits home for me because he’s been a super-passionate, curmudgeonly version of “one of us.” I could relate to him, and I respect him. The fact that he’s only a couple of years older than me-- he was younger than I am when he was first diagnosed-- scares the hell out of me.

Anyway, for the details of his situation, his projects going forward, his plans for the rest of his life, and so on, see the link.


Damn… thank you for sharing.


That was hard hitting. Another reminder to keep things in perspective.


RIP TotalBiscuit. Cancer took him 6 weeks or so shy of his 34th birthday.

TB was a huge influence on PC gaming over the past decade or so. He was instrumental in the early days of DotA2, Warframe, and Path of Exile-- without him, those games would have had a much harder path to enjoying the success they currently enjoy. He was also a huge supporter of StarCraft II esports-- at times, even moreso than Blizzard. He and his wife created the Axiom esports team, one of the earlier SC2 pro teams. One of his most famous quips (which, incidentally, is an excellent example of the man’s passion and stubbornness) is about his passion for the SC2 competitive scene:

SC2 will live even if I have to support the entire scene with my erect penis.

TB was also a constant advocate for gamers. He launched campaigns against exploitative pay to win, lootboxes, net neutrality, and pre-order crappiness. It made him pretty unpopular with some gaming companies, and even some gamers, since he would often remind us that we were doing it to ourselves (e.g., with pre-orders). Through it all, though, he was always on our side.

TB is survived by his wife Genna and step-son Orion. He had many friends in the gaming community, including streamers he regarded as family. HuskyStarcraft was instrumental in getting TB his YouTube partnership which kept TB and his family from being out on their asses. He was also good friends with Day[9], and of course his Co-Optional Podcast co-hosts JesseCox, Dodger, and Dodger’s husband Strippin.


Yeah man, RIP. Dude was only a handful of days older than me, and this was definitely not the news I thought I’d get today.


Happened to see this on Reddit. So sad to hear. RIP