Some advise please on a new motherboard


Hey I’m having trouble with the return of my faulty motherboard. Aria here in the UK say the contacts on the cpu base are damaged which they weren’t. And it was one of the pci slots that was faulty.
So there saying there not going to do anything.
It doesn’t look good soo could anyone recommend another motherboard I can start saving for.

My current one was the Asus Sabertooth Z77


And what ever you do never do business with ever!


My last few motherboards have been ASUS ROG and I’ve been very happy with the quality and support.


I’m running a ASUS ROG as well. No problems I can speak of. Plus, ASUS seems to be a stready and solid brand.


I’m using the ASUS Z87 Pro

The newer one is the z97 Pro


That’s a nice motherboard @Wheatums it’s ± $200 but it’s £198 silly exchange rate lol I’m also looking at the

But it’s not cheap the ROG range are very nice.

Got to get saving.


Go Asus for sure. If you can get the Asus ROG


Honestly, I’m a bit of an advocate for ASRock because of their affordability; I’ve never run into any issues with these Japanese beauties. I don’t offhand recall the one in my rig, but it’s been trucking for a couple years with no issues; 10/10, would buy again :wink:


That board is so sexy! Very Sabertoothy


Remember: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or oil. I dont know. Its early and I’m tired. What I’m trying to say is if you are trying to get your MoBo replaced, an customer service isn’t helping you, then you need to escalate it. Their job is to make it hard for you to return your equipment, but not impossible. Ask to speak to a manager and express your disdain, as well as letting them know they will lose a customer for good if they don’t help you.


From what I understand, in the UK, for a customer to successfully return an item they must enter into a gentleman’s contest of wits with the customer service rep… and win.


I wish it were that easy.

There just flat out lying. lucky I took a few pictures and a video of it working which I uploaded to youtube to prove the date.

But until they reply with a picture as proof they have me over a barrel.

Yet a company like bent over backwards to help me. I though it was my graphics card that was the problem ebuyer sent a courier and returned it free even though there was nothing wrong with it.

Damn cowboy company’s.

what if we have a trusted sellers section were people can add companies they have had good dealing with


This is why I would only buy PC parts from NewEgg or Amazon. They will exchange or return it as the middle man and you can let them deal with the manufacturer.


This was 3 and half years ago when I bought it all and only found out the were cowboys when I had to get a graphics card replaced.

It’s a shame I still have to deal with them.

Ebuyer so far have been very good same with Amazon!


Ill put my two-cents in while this thread is still fairly new

People are recommending asus and asrock motherboards for you, which is totally fine. I personally have an Asus ROG board, but I also looked well into Asrock mobos because i found them to be competing brands (through features and price.)

Regarding the ROG brand of mobos, unless you’re going to use the full extensive list of features, I would say to save a few bucks and just go the regular asus mobos (there’s a few pics of them above.) and if Asrock turns out to be cheaper than those, I’d recommend buying them. They are both reliable mobos, (as well as MSI which you should also take a lookg at.)

The thing is, ROG mobos is branded for ‘gamers’ with tons of features and programs that they think ‘gamers’ need, which then knock up the price of the boards quite a bit.

If you’re buying them cuz they look cool, then go for it, cant stop you there. That’s the same reason why I bought mine. I just ended up finding out that there were features that i wasn’t using from my mobo that I feel like I could have saved money on if I didjn’t get it in the first place.

That’s pretty much it


The main reason I went with Asus was the 5 year warranty. Not sure what the other boards offer.

I’ll have to do my research now. ;p


If I was getting a board today I’d probably get an Asus ROG Hero or one of the smaller models, not the Extreme. Like @xALRock said, I turn most of the board’s functions off in the bios anyway.


that’s actually a pretty legit reason, and can’t fault you there. have fun searching and saving.

i use the matx rog gene which I absolutely love, and it works great.

P.S. my grammar in that post above was so bad, i’m kind of embarrassed