Some Multiplayer Wisdom

Hey guys so MP is pretty straight forward, and alot of fun to play together but here’s a few tips I’ve found along the way.

First off, Demons suck. If you get into a run and your enemies are demons be prepared to fight hard, especially in zone 5 against the demon commander who is just like another demon you encounter in story mode if you choose Templars. Try to carry on you potions that will help you do extra damage, such as Lyrium pots if you’re a mage, Jar of Bees, and Antivian Fire Pot.

The Zone 5 bosses for the Venatori and Red Templars are fairly simple, the only difficulty being they put up a Guard/Barrier. For this there is actually a potion called Mighty Offense Tonic that helps you do extra damage to Guards/Barriers.

Takes a hot minute to level, or so it feels like sometimes huh? My suggestion is do levels 1-10 on Routine mode and then 10-20 on Threatening. Once you switch to Threatening it will be harder obviously, but you will be leveling every 1-2 games so you can grind out to 20 fairly quickly I feel.

So the classes that you have to unlock, they all look cool and you want them asap, I don’t blame you. You want to make sure every party you are in has ALL 3 CLASSES. That way you can open up every treasure room and should be getting 1-2 items per game. You also want to save up your gold and buy large chests only as they give you the most bang for your buck. 5 random potions and 5 random items. These items will mainly be weapons however they can be, armor upgrades, runes, extra armor for a class you already have, or even armor for a new class which will unlock it. Sometimes you get lucky with a blue or a purple item.

You get crafting items from salvaging the weapons you get, so it can take a bit to get exactly how much you need, personally I have trouble getting enough silk which is mainly used for unlocking mage types. Obviously you get more when you salvage a blue or a purple, and you can also salvage your runes if you have extras.

Any questions feel free to ask!


It should also be said that if you are the only mage in the group, you should strongly consider putting barrier on your bar. Even if it’s not part of your preferred build, having barrier on the group will increase your chances for success greatly.

Similarly, if you are the only warrior you should consider putting a taunt on your bar. While you can’t tank every enemy, you are better equipped to keep the attention of the bigger enemies while your group deals with the others.

Advice for the rogues would be to try and keep at least one type of CC on your bar to help your teammates escape/avoid enemies when they get into trouble (But this advice is good for all 3 classes)


Awesome bits of advice from you both.

I have Thursday and Friday off all day, so I’m hoping to get a lot of Halo 5 and DAI those 2 days.

The mage is the ONLY easy boss and i bet she is a nightmare on the harder levels. The Envy Demon is flat out hard and the Knight Commander is UNFAIR.

I think the knight commander is just as easy as the mage for sure. the demon just sucks, and has so much cheap shots coming with it

well the Knight Commander can be really tough if you get backed into a tight space when he starts his spinning cyclone of death move. I’ve watched in horror as all 3 of my teammates got stuck in that. Just when they’re almost up, he knocks them down again over and over.

well, that’s kind of your teammates faults then you know? like he’s hard, but if you know the mechanics he has, then you should be good to go

I think the Knight Commander has 2 or 3 mechanics that once you learn the signs you can avoid pretty easy. I’m usually the Legionnaire and his spin to win attack got me both times I fought him. What’s the best way to avoid the jump attack? Does he just do that if his target gets too far away?

Usually, whoever the target is, is just kiting him around the room and everyone else is dps’ing him down. I usually run with an archer, legionnaire/reaver/elementalist, and myself as the assassin, with the 4th being whatever. most of the time he doesnt target me, so i just run around and hit his back a ton and the archer/elementalist kites/damages him the whole time. he goes down pretty quickly if you do that. I don’t see him jump very much actually. I think as long as you’re running away from him when he targets you, then you’ll be good to go.

For the demon commander, jumping can actually help you avoid his attacks if you can time the jump right. It’s pretty hard to do, but you can avoid the attack where he jumps out of the ground at you with it. Normally, I just run away from him when the “smoke” or whatever it is shows up on my person.