Some things we need to do



ok…so i logged in this am and saw we had a new level 50 invited to the guild…so i went to here to the forums to learn a little about him and saw nothing. not good…whoever invited him needs to have them come here and join the forum and post BEFORE they get a guild invite…thats the way we do things. We also need to get in the habit of forming a new channel in mumble if you are doing an adventure or dungeon…it makes it easier for other people who want to chat in the main channel without getting walked all over by group chat. Last…we as officers need to really set an example and not loose our cool and watch the topics and language we use mumble…its gotten out of hand laely and i personally have received more than a few complaints about it…lets all work together so everyone can enjoy their time they spend in game and on mumble with us…thanks.


Sounds like more points for that officers meeting we need to have that the topic kinda fell through the cracks… and i invited damo… (not on cant think of spelling of name)… i grouped w him earlier tofay and he was unguilded… he was logging so instead of going through having him post and possibly losing him cuz he was untagged i invited him… shouldnt make a difference if we need to grow… and if we want to raid ever we need to grow…


Wrong, it makes all the difference.

We’re a branch of a gaming community and it was said from “go” that all members had to come on the forums and register. I’ve got an IRL friend who’s being standoffish about registering on the forums and as such I’ve refused to invite him. If we lose him, that’s his loss, not ours. You are not the first officer to forget something that’s been previously discussed. That’s not an issue of needing another meeting but rather an issue with us, both as leaders of the guild and representatives of Strategy & Co., not doing our jobs. I’m going to put some time in tomorrow getting as many of the things we’re supposed to be doing/enforcing put together and posted here. I will need help making sure inaccuracies are corrected and omissions are added so we can have a reference available as it seems necessary.

The rules for the community as a whole as well as the WildStar guild are our responsibility to enforce. That means we need to know them. @Vocino has given us a lot of room to operate and @Majordomo’s decision to create a balance of new and former Strats members for the officer base of the first major spin-off make this a pivotal moment. If we bugger this up it’ll force policy change and make things much more difficult in the future both for the guild and Strats as a whole. We aren’t going to be everyone’s best friend and we aren’t always going to be the most well-liked if we’re doing our jobs, but that’s what being a leader requires.

Time to step up gents.



While I understand the whole “Gaming Community” mentality. The fact remains that many people, myself included, will only play one game. I enjoy the people here yes. But I only join a single channel in mumble and only play a single game. We will get people who only play wildstar in the wildstar guild. This shouldn’t force them to join through those channels. In order to grow we need to grab people who want to join us. In order to have someone in mumble, sure have them join the forums. But as with any other MMO, the best way to get people is to get unguilded people. In order to get unguilded people is to have them join after running with us. Then they can check out the forums and such and if they don’t like it, they leave. Isn’t that the point of the “new member” rank? Then once they prove they move into the “not new member” rank? I believe that was the discussion when we had our last meeting about ranks, that new member couldn’t do shit and member could. The only reason you need that is for people who might just bail. This is another facet of that same theory.


Knights you are NOT getting it…there is a set way of doing things in this community and you have no acceptable reason to change them at your whim. If a person wont take 5 minutes to join the community and post about themselves then thats someone who just might be unacceptable to us. You are spinning things to get what YOU want and not what is best for the community…this issue is not up for debate.


It’s worth noting that when we initially created this thing, we all had the same mentality. It was for one game. We quickly realized that we wanted to bridge those contacts and, dare I say, friendships across the gap to other games when people want to play something else.

You may not see the value in that right now @KnightsOfTheRou but I would encourage you to look at the bigger picture.

As @Droul and @Auth said, it doesn’t seem like too much to ask for them to at least sign up here. Even if you’re only concerned about WildStar (which is fine), I think you’ll find that your member retention will go up significantly when you include people in the larger community vision.


I’m not certain you do get how a gaming community works. The idea behind any gaming community is simply this: you’re joining a community, not just a guild. It’s fine if they’re only planning to play 1 game. That’s all they’re planning to do. When that game dies out or sours for them, they now have a like-minded player-base that is actively playing other games and waiting for new releases. We’re not just looking for members of a guild; we’re looking for members of a community.

Yes, in the same way we’ve got people who only play ESO. This doesn’t exempt them from the rules of posting on the forums if they want to join up.

This doesn’t force them or you to join other channels, it allows them to join other channels. When we get someone who’s just generally awesome, we don’t have to risk losing them as a fellow player of games and friend to another guild when the next big thing comes out. Chances are they’re not the only one interested in whatever game has drawn their attention. Likewise, they don’t have to go out and try to find a group of people to play with and get to know them. This is a benefit afforded by a gaming community like Strats.

That’s just it, you’re still fixated on the guild, not the community. We, the WildStar branch of Strategy & Co., need to find people who want to join Strats, not just a WildStar guild. We are not just a WildStar guild, we are a branch of a growing community of generally awesome people who play games together in a relatively safe, maturish, mostly-rage-free environment. We’re not perfect, but we do have standards we strive for.

Per the community’s rules, they can browse through the forums and decide whether or not they want to side with us before joining, not after receiving a guild invite. It’s not too much to ask of a player and it’s not a rule we are in the position to change as none of us are founders. @Vocino and the others have made it pretty clear this point isn’t up for discussion.

The main reason for the new member rank was to protect our bank because it’s almost too easy to join the guild. To join the guild you literally just have to sign up on the website, post in the forums, and request an invite. With several of us streaming, it’s conceivable that someone could see the guild bank contents via a stream, join up, loots us, and bail. Unlikely, I’ll be the first to admit, but if we don’t have the precaution in place then we’ve only ourselves to blame if it happens. It was our attempt at preparing and protecting against a potentiality that hopefully never comes to pass.

I’m going to heed my own advice at this point. @KnightsOfTheRou, there are a couple things I need to make sure you’re aware of. Other officers and I have received complaints recently about your attitude towards others. While not exclusively directed towards members of our community, cursing/belittling party members both in mumble (in the main WildStar channel, no less) and in party chat is not the kind of image we’re trying to present as a community at it damn sure isn’t how I want to be viewed as a fellow officer. It pretty well goes against what Strategy & Co. is supposed to be about. As an officer, you need to step up and accept the situation you requested. You have to be a cut above at all times. We don’t get to be everyone’s friend and we don’t always get things the way we want them. Our actions should be to the benefit of the WildStar guild and the Strats community as a whole.

If any of this is too much to ask or you just don’t like the system this guild or community has in place, then you need to figure out what that means both to you and for you.



@Auth covered everything very well so I won’t reiterate but I just wanted to add one extra point.

This isn’t a dictatorship lead by me. I see my role as support. You guys are the ones leading. While I wanted to create a gaming community, it was selfishly created for me to be a member of. I get just as much out of it on the member level as anyone else and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into fostering what we’ve got here.

Further, there will of course be things that aren’t quite right and should be fixed. If someone feels like this place sucks, we should ask ourselves why. If people @KnightsOfTheRou recruits actually don’t want to participate in the community, I think we have to ask ourselves why. Perhaps it’s simply that they haven’t been sold on it like we’ve been discussing in this thread. Perhaps it’s because we’re not offering something we could be.

I don’t know the answer but I’m just putting it out there that we (meaning the community) are open to listening and making those changes.


I do want to point out… I have never heard of strats co until someone replied to my random post about looking for a guild. This attitude EVERYONE seems to have in this thread is all high and mighty… Just look at these posts, look at how long they are regarding a single guild invite. The wildstar guild was supposed to be a guild for wildstar. Yes its a name from a website and group that no one outside of the group knows. Its very easy to remove someone from the guild. To get them in the door this doesnt hurt!

Side note, what attitude towards guildies have I been poor with? I will correct that. The only attitude that could be misconstrued is towards klutch witch has turned into a running joke w/ him and I as far as I know it.


Tldr if they cant take the time to register you dont want them to be playing with you anyways. We cant use excuses when we have a set of rules because you ll open the gate of fuckallland where nobody gives a shit about the forums. Also by registering we got mumble login introduce etc aka things we need to ban.

Also if knights missbehaved make sure you say who said it when and what it was. Otherwise it has no substance. Then we can have a trial and execution erm judgement