Something being announced tomorrow?



This popped up on my feed:

“Tomorrow: something is coming. Stay vigilant, Guardians.”



Dangit Domo!
I had this .Gif locked and loaded for Tuesday.

I hope it’s announcement of a third set of subclasses.


well let me take this one too:D

also maybe they will probably announce a new gamemode :smiley: i guarantee it


Hopefully something big. I’m not to worried about what I get for putting in those codes.


Most of Reddit seems to think it will be a live action trailer.


Announcement of the super-secret PC version to be released next week.


Best case scenario we find out what those codes do and/or pre launch goodies. Worst case its just another hype video or small game play change of some sort.


You have my attention Bungie.


just looked at this morning. All the codes are for grimoire cards, except the emblem, which will be available at the special orders vendor.


Pretty sure this is the big news, and I wish I lived closer :’(


WTF that is amazing!


Ugh, I wish I lived on the West coast. That’d be awesome!