Sony and Spotify Partnership = Awesome

Sony and Spotify announced a partnership today. Basically it lets you stream Spotify while playing PS4 games. Which is terrific, because that’s the only service I use for music!

Gotta start making some gaming playlists.

Edit: I wonder if it would be possible for devs to incorporate “smart music”. For example, having music shut off when there’s a cutscene or something. PS4 already has a “no recording” function so I can’t imagine it being too difficult. Can anyone with more knowledge comment on this?


Just saw this myself on Twitter. Honestly I would use it as well, but just got my comp so gonna be running music off of that now. It is an awesome idea though took them long enough.

I’m excited to hear this.

It’s about time the PS4 starts getting some killer apps. Xbox One has been leading the way in that department as of late.

This, it is very good to see more competitive apps on the PS4. I don’t know if I’d use something like this with my computer 6 feet away from my console but I like the idea that people can use it in the background while playing games. Now if Sirius gets an app on there we are talking. Gotta have that sports, talk and news radio.

This is effing awesome but will it work with HDCP disabled?

This is pretty cool. It’s probably bad for streamers though, as you’ll likely have your entire stream muted if you try and stream any music while streaming your gameplay.