Sony Patents Elite PS4 Controller with Paddles and Adaptable Layout



The article calls them paddles, but they look like buttons to me. I don’t think they would do paddles. Paddles are not very ergonomic and I don’t know may people who prefer paddles to buttons.

For our money, the DualShock 4 is comfortably the best default controller on the market – and we’re not the only ones who think so. However, the PlayStation 4’s primary input device has been let down by generally poor build quality and bad battery life. Sony, however, may be about to update the device – if a patent for an upgraded controller is to be believed.

The plans were submitted on 6th January, and reveal a DualShock 4 similar in size and shape to the current device, but with a few adjustments. For starters, there are now paddles on the handles of the device, similar to those you’d find on a SCUF controller, or the Xbox Elite. Also, the diagrams show how you could potentially customise the button layout, making it – shudder – asymmetrical if you prefer.

It’s worth noting that companies file patents for products that don’t get released all of the time, so this could be yet another case of that. However, there are plenty of people who would pay good money for an upgraded PS4 controller, so Sony may be leaving cash on the table if it doesn’t introduce one. Could this ship with the PS4K, for example? We’ll see.

Update (19:00PM BST): Further investigation from the NeoGAF crowd suggests that this patent has been bubbling around for a few years. Why was this refiled, then? Maybe it wasn’t and Google Translate’s acting up again. Either way, it does beg an interesting question: should Sony be looking to upgrade the DualShock 4 at this point?



All these hardcore accessories…just to play CoD :smirk: ; guess it is a thing, not sure it makes sense and hopefully they aren’t out to just copy MS


Is that any different than PC gaming? You have various mice and nifty pads with different textures, fancy glasses. Consoles provide their own hardcore accessories for people who want to pay the money.

Do you really need that fancy MMO mouse with all the buttons on it, or can you play the game just fine with a standard 2-button mouse?



Of course, hehe (j/k). It is interesting how the console and pc platforms are becoming more and more alike.


I use my Battle Beaver controller for more than just cod or anything like it. If anything it’s nice to not have to take your fingers off the joysticks. It makes any game more enjoyable. If anything…i hate taking my fingers off to do something on the d pad.