Soo I've talked about her enough


To all the guys that have to stop because my baby needs a change or is fussing a little more than normal. Lyla Grace


Is that a baby posing with a duck face?


I understand this feeling. I had to abandon all hopes of competitive gaming when my kids were born. Now it’s single-player, co-op matches that I can drop in-and-out of easily, or quick PvP that lasts 20-30 minutes.

Be proud of your kids. And teach them the ways of the Gamer.


I hear you! My son is 4.5 months old now. Finding games you can drop in and out of is the way to go. Streaming 5 hour blocks of gaming is history unless my wife is out of town visiting family like last weekend. :wink:


No, I sang to her and she puffed out her bottom lip, and soon after started wailing crying.

I’m not sure if she sincerely hates it, or if she is just that emotional about it. I’m told my singing isn’t terrible.


Adorable. And I understand the feeling. My team on destiny gets mad sometimes when it’s PvP time and she starts to cry. Lol