Sorry, everyone has credit cards these days, keep on truckin


My bad auth, you are right!


If you use a bank card with any online marketplace, that’s on you :wink:


Agreed, I usually send steam cash directly.



Credit card not connected to bank account OP.


what spawned this conversation?


I’m going to guess it was about the guy who had his email or Sony password phished and is using the term “hacked” to scare everyone into a frenzy.


Spot on, @Vocino :wink:

Seriously though people, don’t ever use your bank card online. With most credit cards you’re not liable for any fraudulent charges and the CC company will do all the leg work and just send you a new card and account number. It’s never worth risking your actual money.


I’m not liable for fraudulent charges with my bank card. I can report anything that I didn’t purchase and much the same process you described above will happen. I have done so in the past and my money was refunded.

I think you just need a better bank.


Who uses cash anymore? It’s all about converting your money into gold bars and burying it all over the county.

Anyway, it’s not like… they are going to get much from my bank accounts… higher education beat them to it


There really isn’t such a thing as a “good” bank, but setting that aside I’m certain many (mine included) have that clause as well. Regardless of this, with as easy as acquiring a CC is, having one not tied to your bank is better all around, IMO; having an identity theft and losing access to your ATM card is far from preferable. My bank ATM/CC doesn’t leave my sight at any point and anymore doesn’t get used anywhere except at ATM’s given the growing number of businesses being hacked.

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OP was originally about awareness and personal security.

I was made aware that it was a non-issue because no one should be using insecure methods of online purchasing. So I changed the topic to reflect the conversation.


For future reference, not everyone is in the same place in life. I thought this went without saying, my bad.


I’m not sure I 100% understand what you’re attempting to imply. That not everyone is eligible or able to get a CC?


I think that’s exactly what he’s saying. Bad credit or lack of credit makes it hard. Several years ago when I was trying to build credit I couldn’t find a place that would give me a CC because of my lack of credit.


Considering the prominence of pre-paid options as well as online payment options like PayPal, there are ways to make it work; I wager (based purely on speculation) the number of people who can’t find any CC option (interest rate is a non-issue because it should be getting paid off each month before accruing interest) who also have no access to any pre-paid options and are shopping on a website is pretty small demographic.


Living in Pittsburgh, I’ve never had issues with fraudulent charges to my account not being addressed by my bank. I’ve never had a time where I’ve reported suspicious activity to them and they’ve not handled it appropriately.

It’s not about the cards you use, it’s about where you are buying your product, and even the most safe, secured browsers and websites are vulnerable. My tips to you: check your stuff every week to make sure there are no unauthed (no pun intended) charges, make sure you know what you’re buying so you can make a solid case, and don’t store your credit card information for “convenience.”


I dare to say an American can just about always get a credit card of some kind. Sure, you might have terrible credit and they’ll want some ridiculous interest rate, but you should be paying it off every month anyway.

I don’t use my debit card. Ever. I’m sure my bank would probably grant me reprieve from paying for fraud but it’s still a process that involves an attacker having direct access to my money. Why give anyone that opportunity? Even if the fraud is taken care of at some point, you could be out thousands of dollars waiting for some fraud process to complete.

American Express is basically no-questions-asked in terms of fraud. They always take their customer’s side. But of course, you do pay for that.


Considering you missed the point of the OP entirely and stated talking about credit cards, this isn’t shocking.


In that order.


The bit where you asserted people should change their Sony Online passwords because 1 guy’s account got hacked (I was purposefully ignoring that given only one dude got hacked, probably do to poor security practices on his part) or the bit where you very subtly implied we shouldn’t store our CC with Sony (obviously, you shouldn’t store them with anyone, but this thread’s already covered that) or the notion that Sony has bad customer support (that’s not news to anybody) or the other other thing I can’t read into your 8-word post accompanying a link?

If you had a point, you clearly didn’t make it well :wink:

Original OP and title:


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