Soup Kitchen - Cabbage soup for everyone



Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is cabbage soup available for everyone in the guild in the following locations.

Kingspool - Varion’s Island (Right Chest) [Need someone to test if anyone can get it - not sure if permissions are correct]

Pillage Port - Guild Island AH

Brazier’s Bend - Our Territory AH

Please take only as much as you currently need. For example if you need four hours worth of cabbage, take four cabbage soups.
If one location runs out of soup, whisper/mail me ingame.

On a similar topic, i don’t mind farming plots for people to make cabbage soups for guild or yourself.



You, sir, are the champion of Albion!


Yeah good job ver, we need more people like u in the guild :stuck_out_tongue: