South Carolina: Deep or Just in the Name?


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I dunno, this survey leads me to believe otherwise. Obviously this isn’t necessarily representative of the entire state (or it’s population), but it makes you think…


Ive lot brain cells after reading that…


We were the first to secede from the union prior to the Civil War. LAST YEAR we finally removed the confederate flag from the State House. There is a Dixie Confederate Store walking distance from my apartment. There’s also a restaurant downtown that only serves fried food. We also make beer butt chicken better than anybody ever.

So yeah.


what is beer butt chicken?


If I’m not mistaken it’s the same as beer can chicken. You basically cook the chicken with a can of bear inserted in it. Here are two recipes:

Beer Can Chicken:

Beer Butt Chicken:


I’d take a lot of what Think Progress says with a grain of salt lol.

But I’m from NC originally and I consider the Carolinas just south. When I think deep South it’s Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.


I take a lot of things with a grain of salt, but it’s worth noting they just wrote the article; they aren’t responsible for the survey (conducted by Public Policy Polling) Which may or may not be reliable as well :wink:


Funny story: Boyfriend interned there and wrote part of that survey haha.


When small world syndrome strikes: