SoWo was a weekend to remember


Hey all!

I’m officially back from SoWo and, I’ve got to say, it was an amazing experience. I met some fantastic people and saw some beautiful, beautiful builds. We ate German food and tubed down the river and drove the strip with our friends. It was a blast. My friend is making an after movie of our cabin that housed anywhere from 13-18 people based on the day and I will post that at some point. In the meantime, here’s my Flickr page with just a few of my shots from the event.

So glad to be back and looking forward to playing tonight once I catch up on some work.


So many people at the car wash.


Haha you said it. I swear the car wash was like a mini meet and every day we were there we ended up chilling for about an hour and a half and just talking to people.


Man, those rides are SO LOW. They would never be able to survive on Pittsburgh roads. We have so many potholes here it’s ridiculous. I plan on lowering my car, but it’ll never touch some of this stuff. Sheesh. Beautiful pictures though, thank you for sharing!


Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing.



That Mazda sure is purty :smile:

And @PeterThomas6 yea our roads in Michigan are just terrible. No way these cars would get around here.


Michigan. There goes wanting to hang out with you. The only speedbumps in Michigan are dead bodies from all those gang fights.


Hey! I’m in the U.P., we’re almost a separate country from down there…just about everywhere I go they think I have a Canadian accent lol.


Make the guest bed, I’ll be there ASAP.


Anytime good sir :smiley:


Welcome back!


Can confirm you do have a Canadian accent.

Source: from the Mitten