Sparrow Surfing!

So I found this very cool glitch on reddit about dancing on top of your sparrow (aka “Sparrow Surfing”) and I immediately had to try it. The result:

Could be a good marketing tool to have a fire team of six just sparrow surfing everywhere.


This is amazing! I know that the legendary sparrow can do barrel rolls when it strafing. Could we combine this and make Tony Hawk skateboarding? Cause I see front page reddit easy. We can get a six man group by going into VOG.

I can see the pics “Skate Strats, Skate Today”.

Group for skating/surfing 9pm EST

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Has anyone purchased an upgrade rare sparrow from Vanguard yet? I’m wondering if its worth the 175 marks to do so.

@auth has one. He swears by it. So who is down to do this tonight for glory! We need six people. I’m available 9EST

Vanguard/Crucible Sparrow + Xur contrail upgrade = nearly as quick as the raid sparrow with your choice of afterburner color and the R2 quick turn (which the raid sparrow does not have). It’s also notably faster and slightly more durable than the green sparrows.

Additionally, if you like using the L1/R1 jukes on the pike, get it for that reason alone :wink:

You’re not wrong; I’m still not sure if I like the raid one or my Xur-upgraded one better.

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I prefer my raid one if for the sound effects alone. Also I don’t use the trigger break much. Plus the raid one’s boost is fun,

Regardless of that, the 175 marks for a blue speeder is def worth it. Then you can upgrade from xur when you want, or have surplus coins.

As someone sitting on 50+ strange coins with two Xur-upgraded sparrows, I can confirm this happens :wink:

I was only able to do it once. I’m contemplating suicide. It was half an hour of failure😢