Speaking of dark mode, here's how to hack in YouTube dark



Since everyone is on the dark mode kick now…

I’ve tried it in Chrome, but it may work in other browsers as well. Here’s how:

  • Go to Youtube
  • Open Console and enter: document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE"
  • Refresh
  • You’ll see a dark mode option either in the “…” menu or when tapping on your profile picture


not sure what you mean by entering that in the console, but I had the option for darkmode on the top right settings thingy. Didn’t know it was there though so thanks for pointing it out. Everything should be dark mode by default.


Maybe not by default, but everything should have a Dark Mode option, period.


Bright backgrounds strain the eyes too much, dark is better.


Technically dark will strain your eyes as well due to contrast. What you actually want is even warm tones.


Feel free to change the text to a nice darkish green, would blend well and still be readable.


I think that’s solid. I’m actually thinking about doing something like that, with greenish tones overall.


The strats green would look good in my opinion.


I’ve found that working as a computer programmer over the years, that the dark theme always feels better on my eyes unless I’m working outside in broad daylight. Even in office settings where we have the “natural light” from the standard overhead lighting, dark has always been better for me. May just be me though.


What console?


I just use f.lux to make my screen easy on the eyes. :wink:


Same. Highly recommended. I’ve used it on my Macs for years until now it’s built in to the latest release of OSX and iOS (called Night Shift).