Spectating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 1st or 3rd Person


I have been getting some mixed feedback on what a viewer wants to see when watching a CS:GO match. I would like to hear your thoughts. What perspective do you prefer? Do you like to see what the other team is doing? Any preference on who the camera is following?


I went back and watched some of the stream. CS commentating/ match streaming is definitely done in 1st person and it was easier to follow. You also get to see the players hitting the shots which is a lot of the fun. Another view you can use is the birds eye view. This view is good when you zoom out on a bomb site and you see the T’s coordinating and taking a site while the CTs defend and you get to see everything.

Since you are mostly focused on our team, I would say mostly follow us but it is also nice to scroll around to all players and check out the action. It takes practice to be able to scroll to the right player in the action, it will get better.


I did not even know this was an option. I’ll have to check it out.

I’ll also try to spectate when we have people playing on our server to get some practice. (If this is even an available option.)


Yea you have to get to know the maps and know when people get where and what not, basically having a competitive sense of the game. Also, might want to watch some pro matches and get hints from their stream!

thanks again for doing it, makes it a lot of fun!


As we touched on during the stream, I think there’s two demographics out there.

  • The people who actually play CS:GO want to see our players perform in the same perspective they play the game in: first person.

  • The people who are watching from more of entertainment side prefer to see more of the surroundings and better orient themselves as to what’s going on using 3rd person.

I believe we just need more switching between the 2. I’d also love to see some video of high-end CS:GO events where there’s commentary and spectating. What are they doing? I’m sure they have more feedback than we do on what people want when it comes to these events.


Check out these two streams:

  1. http://www.twitch.tv/faceittv
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo

They stream competitive pro matches pretty often.

Edit: Whats the correct way to post a link without the video?


Quote it, put it in a list - http:/// etc. If it’s on its own line, it will embed.


Honestly, I’m in the 1st person camp. The thing about CS is to really respect and understand what’s going on, 1st person view is required, especially at the competitive level. If you’re in 3rd and not facing the correct direction, you miss the action very easily; 1st person ensures you’re not missing the plays, gives a better view of the impressiveness of said plays, and requires significantly less effort from the streamer so they can focus on commentary: win, win, win :wink:


Completely agree with you here. First person camp all the way for me. Granted this is also coming from someone who played cs 1.6 exclusively for about 10+ years.


Personally I’d like to see a mix of both. I’m usually in first-person while I’m playing shooters so that’s what I’m used to.

But I’d also enjoy getting a feel for the environment during a match, too. Maybe a little commentary/summary on what’s going on as it’s happening. (Especially since I’m a new-comer to CS:GO.)


I really enjoyed last night’s stream, which was first person, and I feel like it went really well. It was nice to have someone be like “okay, let’s go see what Gambler or Busta is up to,” and then shift to that person. It is also nice to see the different gameplay styles between various players, as I noticed some of them tended to patiently wait for a kill and some had a wild hair and went in for the kill pretty quickly. I think a birds eye view would be a possibility for sure, but if not I felt the first person was extremely successful.

edit: I am in the same boat with @simplyundrea as I am not super familiar with CS but I loved watching and supporting my team.


I figured out how to do this last night. @skidoLLaZ suggested that once the bomb is planted I could switch to a Birdseye view and show how the team will defend it. It’s going to be tricky with team StratsCo having mastered an awesome speed plant Strat.