Spirit Vale Raid GW2 1/13



Sorry for my extended absence in the forums and in GW2 but i’m back at home and i’m starting back up the raid. I’m taking a fresh roster and looking for a new sign up. I’m looking for people that can commit to this raid every week and have no problems working with the group to progress in the raid, including things like modifing build/class structures, help with gear grinding, and the ability to be flexibale in the raid.

One for the things that we have been struggling with is damage. Our group as of late has not been doing enough damage to consistently get us thru the raid. Another is consistancy of our players. We really need those that can commit to the raid and make it almost every raid day. I understand not ebing able to make it for a day because of this and that but raiding requires a group to build a cohesion with it’s members that doesn’t happen when we are having to people not make it. We need to strive for consistant members. And finally comms. I hate to say it but if you cannot get into comms and keep them going then unfortantly i can’t bring you along. We need to be able to parce info to our group fast and this doesn’t allow for me to type things in chat. Also as we are a very social group comms need to be clear in the raid so i can lead us through the raid.

If you can do that and be here for the raid almost every week then please sign up below.

The following spots that are needed are as follows.

Date: Wednesday, Jan 13th
Start Time: 7:30pm eastern
End Time: 9:30pm eastern

Tank/Power: @Auth
PS Warrior 1: @Rottendeeds
PS Warrior 2:
Power Boon Strip: @senNish
Power: @Vezyn
Condi: @Diacuss
Condi Burn:
Healing/Support: @Wayward

If anyone has any questions or need to work on build i can help you out with that. You can message me here or catch me in mumble. I’m always in mumble when i’m playing GW2.

I look forward to raiding with you



I am in!
Tablet heals, raising eyebrows since 2015!


I won’t be here unfortunately. :confused: Going go carting with some friends for my birthday so I won’t be on in time. Good luck though!



Auth I think that picture was one I used back in my BF2 days for my clan sig.

I’m in Power warrior


Do you have need for and Elementalist? I would love to get into raiding.


For raiding you need at bare minimum full exotic armors and ascended trinkets and working on ascended armors and weapons. What build do you run? So long as you can commit to weekly raiding, have comms and work with us on gear and builds we could always use an elementalist. I’ll be on tonight in mumble can you get with me then so i can see what you have.


You have my axe… or whatever…


I can fill any role though my best geared toons are my Zerker Herald and Zealots Druid



I have full exotic armor and weapons but I still need ascended trinkets. I can also fill any roll that you need. What time would you like me to be on?


I’m on now and will be for like the next 6 hours or so with a short break for dinner.


I’ll come on now.


What comms are we using?



It won’t let me connect. It says wrong certificate or password…


Double-check that you’re setting it up the way the pictures show and using your Strats: Forums information to log in :wink:


For those that signed up, now is the time!
We need you!


Okay so the current raid night won’t work for me. I thought I got off work in time but I don’t, can we do it tomorrow same time? Dose that work for others? Off topic, I got off work early because I had a nose bleed for 50 min lol.


I cannot lead a raid group on Thursday. Unfortunately it is either Tuesday or Wednesday.


Tuesday would work better but we would have to push the time back.