Spirit Vale Raid GW2 1/20



Sign up for this weeks raid is now up. I lefts everyone’s name on here that said they could do it last week. Please confirm if you can make it for this week,

The following spots that are needed are as follows.

Date: Wednesday, Jan 13th
Start Time: 7:30pm eastern
End Time: 9:30pm eastern

Tank/Power: @Auth
PS Warrior 1: @Rottendeeds
PS Warrior 2:
Power Boon Strip: @senNish
Power: @Vezyn
Power: @W1thl0v3 ©
Condi: @Diacuss ©
Condi Burn:
Healing/Support: @Wayward ©

See you in raid.




We need to get together before the raid if we can. I’d love to see if we can gear your up a bit more.


Definitely! I’ll be on tonight :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with my tablet.


I havent play GW2 in quite some months, Do i need the latest expansion to play the Raid?


Yes need the latest expansion and full exotic armor and weapons with ascended trinkets. You would also need to start working on ascended armor and weapons. If raiding is something that interest you there is a certain amount of time you will ned to spend to get geared up for it. I will be willing to help with what i can.


Thanks for the offer but i can buy the expansion now.

My toon has full exotic everything and ascendan stuff too. I used to play this game way too much haha.


We are doing things besides expansion content that we would love to have you join us. We have guild missions on tuesday that we always welcome more members to join. It starts at 7:30 eastern and we’d love to have you.