Spirit Vale Raid GW2



Spirit Vale, the first raid for GW2, is coming Tuesday Nov 17. I am planning a raid for that night in lieu of the typical fractal night. This will be our first raid and we will be learning the fight so be prepared to get wiped and wiped again. So, I am looking for 9 other like minded people looking to learn Spirit Vale.

Date: Tuesday, Nov 17th
Time: 8pm eastern
Requirements: Full exotic set of gear for your role.

Raid Team:


Please post which slot you wish to fill. If you can fill multiple roles please list which one you wish to use first and then any other you can fill. Slots go to first come first server.


I’m in!
I would prefer Heal/Support but I can also fill Power.


Tank, Power, or Condition Engineer available (in that order) :wink:


Maybe you can finally get @Diacuss to stand near the tablet :wink:

Sadly I wont be geared for it yet


I’d love to be in for DPS!


Sennish reporting for POWER.


I would like to run Grim Justice Condition bleed build


Put me in coach! I’ll Power or Condi, whichever is more needed. I see 2 slots on power and 1 on condi. My condi ranger is better geared, but if I’m needed on power, I’ll gear up my ele for it in these next few days. Won’t take much.

@GuardianOfLaoria would prefer Power. :smile:


I’l take power please! :smiley:


Still need 2 power characters for the raid. Sign up below so we can have a full party for the raid when it releases on Tuesday.


If someone has a Condi and wants to run it, put them in my spot. I geared my ele up anyway and she’s actually in a great place gear wise now :3

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I’m in full ascended armor now (except for one earring) with Scrapper runes; bring the raid :wink:



Edit: Did you craft that all? If so, how much did it end up costing you?


Crafted all the armor, bought a new necklace and rings with laurels since I had a bunch, bought the first earring with guild commendations (and if the mission rewards weren’t bugging all the time, I might have had enough for both earrings).

I called in a favor to help offset the initial cost a bit, but from full exotic to full ascended in one go (I wasn’t keeping a super-close tab on it) it was well over 500 gold all said and done.


Nice you got me beat. I’ve got 2 earrings and my back piece that aren’t ascended.


Ouch. Gonna wait a bit to go full ascended then. Thanks!


The ticket to saving money is doing the daily craft for your specific armor type (which I totally hadn’t been doing); this will lower the cost a fair bit :wink:


So who’s gonna fill these last 2 spots?

@Biggles7268, @Mohomohommad, @Resademilo, @Xaelyn, any of you interested?


I’ll be there, with my power warrior, granting everyone stacks of might.


I’ll go if there’s still room.