[SPOILER] Game of Thrones Scuttlebutt [/SPOILER]


Ahead be spoilers, you have been warned.

[spoiler]As someone who has read the books, you can count me in as someone who believes the theory that Jon Snow is the child of Rhaegar & Lyanna. While one might believe the suggestion that he’s actually the son of Ned & Ashara Dayne, this seems too simple in structure for GRRM to actually validate.

Beyond this, I’m curious if they will introduce Young Griff, or Aegon Targaryen, into the TV Show. The last book had him run into Tyrion…

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The spoiler tags in all posts seems a bit overkill but,

[spoiler] I am a huge GoT fan. I really hope this is what happens, in regard to Lyanna and Rhaegar being Jon’s father. He is such a great character and the internet blew up when the theories were true about him not dying. I also think that he can leave the Night’s Watch now, because he died and fulfilled his duty, but wont. He will lead them to victory like the bad ass he is.

My theory is that by the end of this season they will set everything for the war with the white walkers. All of the character will end up meeting up in the war and a Stark brother or sister will end up holding another one while they die :wink:. [/spoiler]


Ahead be more spoilers! But now with more theories! On Bran!


Now this is a darn interesting premise. While we’re still wondering about the theory I shared last week, this one also makes sense and seems to me to be something GRRM would totally roll with!


I read a a large write up about how bran yelling at the mad king made him mad in the first place, because Bran thought he could make a difference and change him.