Spoiler - How to Cheese Atheon in VoG solo using a Titan! Screen Grabs and Video



Here is the quick and easy way to beat Atheon in Vault of Glass using only a Titan. This awesome feat was completed by @Auth using his level 28 Titan Alt, two grenades, and a charged Ultimate. ( @Auth, feel free to elaborate on the exact specifications)

There is a video of the whole process in action at the bottom of this guide.

  1. Have everyone else in the party run to the Left or Right and stay out of Atheon’s line of sight. Take your Titan straight towards where Atheon is beginning to spawn. Aim towards the left side.

  1. The goal is for you to aggro Atheon and entice him to walk between this rough stone and the first pillar.

  • Here is a closer look

  • Take your time and lure him around.

3.) Toss your first grenade in front of him ( you should aim at the patch of grass at his feet)

4.) As he begins to back away from the gernade blast, Toss the second one at his feet.

5.) Let loose with your Ultimate right in front of him while he is still reeling from the second grenade blast.

6.) Watch him fall to his death, do a little dance and collect some awesome loot.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle!

You can watch the whole process in action below:

Patch Update

So you guys ended up doing it last night? Did you get any good loot?


Yes and Yes. Sadly it was about 5 min after you left. :frowning:

I picked up the Vex Mythoclast ( @Auth wanted it so bad he will barley talk to me :smirk: )


I can’t believe that you got it. I want one so bad!


I got quite a bit of ascendant energy when I broke it down. :smirk:


LMFAO no you didn’t.


No I didn’t, @Auth would have strangled me.


I like the end of the video where your trying to get him to point at the camera.


I left it in because it was so funny to me. We were well over 20+ hours of gaming and streaming and we were getting pretty slap happy.


Yeah I only left because I was afraid of falling asleep and @auth losing his shit about not dying fast enough and breaking the super charge.


That’s what I thought. I was going to offer to push you off the cliff so you could go AFK for a bit.


I am a beacon of composure!

Any arguments to the contrary will be…dealt with :wink:

I’m not even going to dignify that with a response. Because I’m still not talking to you :wink:

Regarding the video and kill, it should be noted that the method works for anyone who can sling two grenades in one go that Atheon will run from (so scrub-slingers and ground-pounders wearing the the Armamentarium). Before this kill I knocked him off without the super, but died in the process. I’d been having everyone just wipe immediately at spawn to prevent any shenanigans, but that ended up biting me in the ass when he fell to his death as we wiped; it really does only take the grenades. Following that “learning experience” (read: “moment of rage-inducing defeat”) I went back to having everyone cower in the corner in the event that I shoved him off but died in the process. I bet @tommy2118 has that run sitting around as well on his HDD somewhere (my capture card threw a hissy-fit a couple hours prior, so I’d stopped streaming at this point). The super ended up being a godsend when I missed the placement on the 2nd grenade (it was something like 0600 CDT at this point).

I’d argue, based on this, that a properly-geared titan is almost as capable and adequate at killing Atheon if you’re able to identify the proper situation to go on him, though the warlock’s ability to return to life and sling grenades until he falls if need be is still optimal.

Edit 2:
I don’t have time tonight, but I’ll get some screen grabs and drop them in here tomorrow with an explanation of grenade placement so you too can experience the sensation of not getting the Vex Mythoclast :wink:


I do have it. I was going to save it and give it to you for the Strats Christmas gift exchange. :smirk:

You did a great job getting us threw Vault of Glass. We were a team of VoG newcomers and you pulled us together and lead us to victory. I’m just glad I was able to capture the big finish and post it.


This was so awesome to be a part of…first learning it on normal then having @auth do it on hard was simply amazing. @tommy2118 @Vocino @shermaba84 @Philspaz We had such a good time with this…i hope we can do it again!! and huge shout out to @auth for being patient enough to try this method til he perfected it…kudos my friend!!


Spectacular! Great job man that was so great to watch. Titans are officially the master race again.

Next up, we need to figure out how to jump the hellmouth using Death from Above haha (been trying this with no success)

For the super which perk you used aoe right?


@Auth, you of course had to do that after I got off. Who’s down for finishing that up before the reset?


Text me sometime after 1700 CDT and I’ll shove him off for you. Did @Philspaz still need it too?


I’m guessing he does.


Does this still work


If I recall correctly, they changed some of the game mechanics in regard to grenades making this obsolete.