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I’ve always been into the politics and character relationships of continuing universe type media. My question, is the galactic civil war still continuing? Or, is the “First Order” a new uprising against a newly reformed republic? Think hard about your responces. Remember specific details like how the order will reference the “Rebels” or “good guys”. The word “Rebel” is not used once throughout the film, it’s always the “Resistance”. Think about eu material that tells us Han and Leia have twins and then compare that with what we’ve seen in the movie. Think about the reactions between Kylo and Rey, and Kylo’s reaction when he is informed of an escape, “What girl!” Kylo demands as if he knows someone specific down on Jakku.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that anything we may have read or played in anything Star Wars related before now is up for bananas. But, what do y’all think?


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Rey and Ben better not be brother and sister. She can be Luke’s, but not Leia’s. Better if none at all, or related to Kenobi. I hope against hope that Snoke is Darth Plageis. I think the galaxy is split in two, and the Republic on Coruscant supplies the Resistance which operates in Order space.


I’m with you on that galaxy being split, I’m also wondering if Coruscant was destroyed along with the other planets in the blast. I as well, am pretty sure that Snoke is Darth Plageis. The theme music did it for me.


On the other hand, would Han and Leila really leave a child behind ? I doubt that tbh.


This movie should have been titled A Newer Hope.


I saw the first order as the imperial remnant. Not sure what to think about Rey. I am an EU reader and I don’t think they are going to go with a Jaina and Jacen premise. Also Ben is a Skywalker he can’t be a Solo :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Who was the old guy in the beginning that gave him the Skywaker map?


Well, he has trouble with calling Leia princess and not general… so there’s that. I know this is not the case, but I’d be tickled if he turns out to be Starkiller from The Force Unleashed. This however, is very unlikely. The new Death Star thing is called Starkiller Base sooo.

EDIT: His name is Lor San Tekka according to Wookieepedia.


I actually think they are going with the Jaina/Jacen thing or something similar. I think Han dumped Rey on Jakku after the problems with Ben. She was a natural pilot, the movie played up the interactions between Han and Rey, Han said “Chewy likes you” when he offered her a spot on his crew, she hugged Leia at the end of the movie (whom she hadn’t even met before that moment) and it seemed like a Big Deal, and she was given the Falcon at the end of the movie.

As for the old guy, I thought maybe he was someone from the old Rebel Alliance who would know she was a princess. That line may have just been thrown in there to bridge the gap from Princess Leia in movies 30 years ago to General Leia in current movies.


just saw today. I think Rey is Luke’s daughter. If you notice, when she walks up behind Luke at the end, he’s mourning over a makeshift gravestone. I’m guessing that’s his wife’s grave, and Rey is their daughter. I do believe that Rey and Ben/Kylo were close once, and maybe Kylo killed Luke’s wife and that was the catastrophic event that caused Luke to “disappear”. But I’m by no means a Star Wars uber-fan. Just throwing out my first thoughts.


I heard another guy theorize that as well @dontcallmejames. He went further to say that Luke was trying to find the Jedi temple in order to resurrect his wife. That might be going a bit too far, but who knows.


Just throwing my two cents in here. I think Rey is Luke’s daughter and he dropped her off on Jakku after Ben/Kylo went to the dark side as a way of keeping her safe from his influence. Luke also left breadcrumbs for her to follow as a possible trail to pass in order to prepare her for Jedi training as his last attempt at rebuilding the order failed. Also I think the family she was waiting for was Uncle Han because he was searching for the Falcon, which would have lead him to Jakku regardless.


I have a feeling that Anakin is Darth Vader


Aren’t Rey and Ben too close in age for that to work? Unless Ben was an all poweful 5 year old.


Finn does ask Solo if he was the famous General in the Rebellion. So “rebels” are mentioned in passing.


Also, Han would never have walked onto that catwalk if Leia hadn’t insisted he confront Ben. What happened there was her fault, 100%. Han had the opportunity earlier, and did not take it.

Oh, I was confused on first viewing, but the credits list the Mon Calamari as Ackbar, and the Sullustan as Nien Nunb. FYI.


According to wookepedia Ben Solo is approximately 10 years older than Rey. Specfically he was born 0-1 year after the Battle of Endor and Rey was born almost 11 years later. So when she was abandoned on Jakku at the age of 5 that would mean Ben was almost 16. Which would be the age I would expect him to rebel against Luke and fall to the dark side.

Links to their bios:

Rey - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rey

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kylo_Ren


I didn’t get that big of an age difference vibe, appears I was wrong.

  1. Han…WHY? Unacceptable, there is no Star Wars w/o Han Solo, thats like PB w/o the J.

  2. FUCK Disney. Why erase the EU, then create a character from essentially the same pillars, but change their name and even their overall concept. Ben Solo? No, why would Han and Leia name their first born after Obi-Wan? I understand why Luke did, but what would H & L feel the need is? Ugh, so fail.

The more I read forums and posts the less likely it is that Jacen (nope, not calling him Ben) and Rey are twins. If so it is gonna be rather odd explaining how things went down.

It feels like this is just mirroring the original trilogy and will be partly about redeeming Jacen and Luke. I still enjoyed the movie overall, not 100% sure I’ve processed all the details of how it meshes with the SW Universe.

Anyone else catch the homage to ANH during the assault on Starkiller base? I count two, “Their splitting up, their on levels 5 & 6 now…”; trench run!