Spoiler Training 101


I CAN"T DO THE THIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I cna’t make a spoiler thingy and am going insane

This is a post all about how we can’t use the website correctly. Much shnanagents ensues… Read at your own discrepancy.

Your Initial Destiny Impressions? Spoilers Ok

I saw what it said before you edited it :stuck_out_tongue:


[spoiler]Like this?[\spoiler]



Text goes here

I guess I can’t either…


I guess @tommy2118 is a mother trucking WIZARD!


That’s odd…

[spoiler] Works for me. [\spoiler]

Just like this.


A ha! Spoilerz iz broke.


Wtf is going on Why doesn’t this work


You are fing with us! I TRIED IT LIKE 10 TIMES






Forward slash guys sorry


Tryin’ it




The site is acting odd today. When I search for a post or try to go to one of my replies while im in a post I get this. As you can see the title changed to the post I searched for but the body remained the original post I was looking at.


I ‘liked’ too many posts. Robocop says I can’t like anymore stuff for 8 hours.


I feel so victorious


You broke your like button.



Moral of the story is the website was not working for some people. For me I was just retarded:)