*SPOILERS* Dragon Age lore noob need help understanding final cutscene



Okay so it’s been nearly a full day of work and I’m still thinking about the DA:I ending, which I finished last night. Spectacular game, and I plan on playing through nightmare but first, what is going on in the ending!?


I read about it quickly but I was wondering if we had any Dragon Age lore experts here to bring me up to speed. I did not play the first two which was a big mistake - great games. I got the gist of it. Elven “gods” can essentially live inside another body. Morrigan’s mom (Falafel?) is one and apparently so is SOLAS!?

Solas is some bad (Wolf) god and he speaks about handing the orb to Corypheus - reason not provided. And lastly, why did it seem like Solas absorbed the other god from Morrigan’s mom, knocking Mother Morrigan out? Did anyone, with immense knowledge of DA lore, see this coming?


Yeeees, @JohnOnTheRocks. I hadn’t played the other DA games either so the ending was a huge, ‘WAIT, WHAT?!?!’ for me. Haha.


Solas was the Dread Wolf spoke of in the lore of the game. Maybe Solas gave Corypheus the orb because he thought that maybe he could restore the Elves to their former greatness? He speaks of the old a lot in the game as well.

(Did you ever get the cutscene where Solas enters The Inquisitors dreams? Freeeeaky!)

And yes, he totally absorbs Morrigan’s Mom (Flemeth) at the end. I have no idea why, though. I think it had some tie-in to what Morrigan was saying about Flemeth absorbing the powers/lives of her daughters to sustain her own life. Maybe since they were old friends, Flemeth allowed herself to be sacrificed to help Solas, or something.

I dunno. I loved the game but the ending gave me more questions than answers! Maybe the next game will tighten up those loose ends.


@simplyundrea didn’t see it coming at all. I was all like yayy Corypheus is dead… why is Solas freaking out about the orb, who cares?

I think it is more likely that it will be addressed in the upcoming DLC. It’s the perfect DLC bait. And I’m falling for it because I need to know what happens next!