[SPOILERS!] Strats Official Star Wars The Last Jedi discussion thread [SPOILERS!]

This is the only place on Strats services where The Last Jedi spoilers are allowed. Keep them off Discord, please, and keep them in here. Cheers :wink:

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Saw it today, it was pretty good if less exciting than I expected.

I consider it the best movie of the series. I enjoyed it much more than Empire.

Unfortunately, half the cast died in this movie.

I can finally click this link! Saw it tonight. Loved it.

Ok so a real comment:

I’m glad that Rey’s parents were a pair of nobodies. It’s good that they are showing regular people can use the Force and not just Skywalkers.

I also like how the story of Battlefront 2 very subtly tied in to The Last Jedi.

They handled the reveal of that a little badly, could have had more meaning than it did. Also the whole middle bit with Finn and Rose was pointless.

I loved Rey’s training with Luke. Her training seemed liked it took about as long as Luke’s training with Yoda in Empire Strike’s Back which was also pretty quick. Luke spent like what a few days at the shortest to like 2 weeks at Dagobah?

I felt like Snoke went out a bit too easily and we didn’t learn anything about him really. I wonder if he is actually dead or will he appear in episode 9. I did like Rey’s and Ben’s duel with the royal guards. It also showed Ben was a better dueler than her at that time when he wasn’t in bad shape physically and mentally unbalanced from his father’s death.

As for Luke, he certainly went out like a boss. Making force projections thousands of light years away that were able to touch people and such. Then on top of that, he was able to maintain the force projections (the dice he gave Leia and himself) while making Ben look like a scrub when he tried to duel him. And finally when we see his actual physical location, he’s levitating in his meditation pose. It wasn’t something spectacularly flashy like bringing down a Star Destroyer with the force (like in the Force Unleashed game) but it did look like something that required a ton of strength in the Force and the focus of a Jedi Master to pull off.

I did feel the bit with Finn and Rose was pointless. Though I did find BB-8 being treated as a slot machine and then later on shot said coins at guards later on pretty hilarious. I think it would’ve just been easier to just have Maz just fly in and then help them with their plan. She just had a token appearance. Also, I’m surprised they didn’t bother just using the same actress that played Rose’s sister to play Rose as well (or the other way around with Rose’s actress playing both characters) and just say they were twin sisters. It’s not like we saw the two sisters together. It probably would’ve saved on the budget some I think. Then again, it felt like Rose was a bit of a wasted character so she could’ve just been written out entirely.

I have a theory about Rey’s vision in the Dark side pit/mirror. I wonder if it’s actually foreshadowing something. Like instead of nobodies being Rey’s parents, she is essentially Luke’s daughter made from the DNA from his hand combined with the DNA of some random woman to create a new Skywalker. It would been Palpatine’s way of getting a new Skywalker apprentice if Luke didn’t pan out but he died before Rey was finished. He would’ve had several clones of her saved up so that he could easily replace her should something happen. Hence why we saw so many copies of Rey in that vision. This could even not go against what Ben and Snoke believe about Rey’s origins with her being the daughter of nobodies. One of the scientists could’ve easily had her smuggled out and given to a couple who sold Rey when she showed force powers or they hit up hard times. It’s something that could definitely be a big reveal like the Vader reveal was in Empire Strikes Back.

Overall, I did love the movie and I do rank it up there as one of the best Star Wars films. I don’t know if I rank it above Empire Strikes Back but it’s up there with it.

I immediately think of “Resident Evil” Alice clones. :slight_smile:

They Killed Admiral Ackbar!!! And it wasn’t a Trap!!!

I feel they could of elaborated on snook more.

I’m not glad Reys parents were no bodies… i expected something more complex… "say i’m your sister " or something… not feel satisfied and hit a dead end.

Wish they spent more time sucking up on the city and how Overwhelmingly evil the wealth is.

Still love that Kamikaze Close ranger hyperdrive attack. still replaying that scene in my head…

My brother and I walked away from that movie in awe of that scene. The whole film was great, but that scene was amazing.

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I feel like they treated the force exactly how I wanted it to be treated, none of that midicloriclkasduofij bullshit. I also think they treated the rebellion really well, its alot more personal to people in this one. I had so many favorite parts I’ll just list some of them:

Lightspeed attack
Yoda lightning
Snoke death
Lukes “visage” reveal
Leia force flying in space
BB-8 piloting a walker
Luke matrix dodging a lightsaber
Rose saving fin, totally thought he was about to die

Right now this episode is actually sitting at the top of my list. Some of the symbolism was really done well, “bury the past” followed directly by breaking Anakin’s old lightsaber… genius. There was tons more but I’m gonna have to re-watch to remember all the parts