Spreadsheet that tracks KickStarter game progress

The following spreadsheet charts the progress (or lack thereof) of Kickstarter games funded at $75,000 or higher since February 2012. (Projects funded at that level since July 2014 are considered too new to be judged for delivering on their promise.)


Pretty interesting stuff. There’s a lot of green on that board, which is good. Also some failures and half-promises.

Fairly decent showing, I feel if they added in that other site that popped up along side KS, it would be a lot more red though. I think it was / is called indiegogo.

This is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

I find it incredibly amusing at how many of the failed ones are categorized as “Development is hard.” What were these people thinking? That if they had a lump sum of money they could buy whatever resources they needed? It’s a shame too because they basically got to try their hand at it, and the people who paid are left high and dry, save for the one or two on there that had “some refunds” listed.