Square Enix Spring Surprise Box 2017


Looking to follow-up on what was declared to be a lacklustre Square Enix Holiday 2016 Surprise Box, what are the odds that Square Enix gives better value for your $9.99 investment?

For only $9.99, get the Square Enix 2017 Spring Surprise Box featuring over $80 worth of exciting titles for your holiday gaming needs!

With this digital box, you’ll receive 5 PC download games and a special Square Enix Store promotion for a bundle that’s too good to miss out on!

While you can go back to the previous post linked above to see what the box has historically included, here are the contents of the most recent two:

Easter 2016

  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Quantum Conundrum
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut
  • 20% coupon for Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider

Holiday 2016

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Goetia
  • Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 1 & 2
  • Hitman Intro Pack
  • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
  • Tomb Raider Underworld
  • 20% off next purchase
  • 50% off Hitman upgrade

Rumour has it that Just Cause 3 could be included in this go-round based on the EU package (JC3 + 3 more), but as it’s just a rumour YMMV. Furthermore, some thought is that you might score a copy of Final Fantasy XIV seeing as an expansion is on the horizon.

Anyone going to toss their money into the pot & make a wish?


Good looking out.