Stamina or Magicka?



Since soft caps are removed, most people in the forums seem to recommend going either mostly Stamina or Magicka since the various weapons and abilities can scale off of these or weapon/spell power and hybrid builds will not do the same DPS as a min/maxed specialist. I’ve been debating which way to go with each class. Stamina sorcs are weak, so Magicka for him. The Nightblade has some Magicka skills that have a Stamina morph, so I am leaning that way for him. The Templar skill are all pretty much Magicka based, so might have to go that direction. The Dragonknight seems able to pick either, as some Magicka skills have a Stamina morph, and I use him mostly as a tank.
What build types are the others here aiming at? Lots of changes, luckily there are web sites outlining the new skills and what they use.


Honestly, when it comes down to it- you could do a M or S build for any class, I personally prefer Stam for all my builds b/c I don’t like staff animations/the way you attack with staves.


I guess a subquestion is, how much Health? You don’t want to get one-shotted, so what PROPORTIONS of each do you think work? Don’t want to be a total glass cannon.


I’m still rocking the old strategy; Dump all your attribute points into health, make up the rest w/ enchantments. As a healer, i don’t use stamina, so i have all my enchantments to increase my max magicka. I have 16.8k max magicka, and 18k max health, so they balance out well. On top of that when i go into dungeons i eat some Emperor’s Venison Fricassee (formerly known as Consumate Sweetrolls) to give a nice 3k boost to all stats.

If anyone wants EVF i can make it, i just need some ingredients.

Note : I’m also rocking a warlock set so i basically have +7k magicka to burn before i run out, so that really changes my perception of the stats above.

That set bonus is ridiculous.

Now that i’ve laid my stats out, i’m noticing some hilarious potential min/maxing.


I’m running a full magicka DK DPS…no issues w/ dps. =p

4 Martial Knowledge
4 Healer
3 Torugs pact


I need to check on my provisioning supplies, since a lot of them converted. They are key to surviving some of the group dungeons, and I have yet to try a trial. My only VR14 character is a sorc, so it might be hard to find a group if I ever get enough time to try a trial. My other classes are VR1, and I am going Stamina build on Nightblade and Dragonknight, Magicka on Sorcerer and Templar.


Try getting into a trial as a Sorc Healer. No one ever believes :frowning:


I played a Magicka DK level 1 - 50. I switch to stam at VR 1 - 3 and I love it. I’m also trying to level up all the different weapon skills so I can play any style in the future.


I played a Sorc for almost 8 months exclusively, and leveled a lot of skills to the max morph, then decided to start other classes. Got a lot of skills to level across 3 classes. I wondered if there was a minimum health level needed, but the more health, the less damage caused.
BTW, are there any other good grinding spots in Coldharbor besides Zombieland?