Standing Desk - Have You Tried One?

Who’s used em, do you have a normal desk with an extension on top, is your whole desk a standing desk, does it convert to a sitting desk, and does anybody have any experience with Varidesk?
I’m looking at this guy -

I have a standing desk at work. It’s one where the entire desk raises and lowers. It is extremely solid and the controls feel great. I do use it quite a bit since a lot of the time I’m walking back from and to meetings. If I’m doing some focused task I usually sit.

I’ve played StarCraft and Overwatch at the office while standing and it felt a bit strange. Maybe just takes some getting used to but I ended up sitting.

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I had the same as Vocino at my old job. After my legs got used to it I just always stood up. Never really used it sitting down anymore. I would never play games standing up so for me it’s just an office thing.

I might have to get a varidesk for my new job as I won’t have a standing desk available anymore. Couple of people had them at my old office and they were really happy with them.

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Thanks guys, I went with the Varidesk. I’m excited to work from it. I’ll let y’all know how games feel from that height :wink:

IIRC, the beauty of a standing desk is that you can sit or stand, because neither is particularly healthy over long periods of time; mix it up!

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I have thought about this from time to time.
Interested to hear what you think of it.

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I had an older version of the Varidesk model you have there at work & it worked - beyond the problem of the keyboard tray not having enough space for my keyboard and mouse. The newer “mount” version I have is much better, save for the slight wobble when I’m typing or if I were to rest my wrists on it.

When I worked for the City of Vancouver they had these and life was wonderful. Extremely sturdy!

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I have a sit/stand desk in my home office (I work remote). I don’t stand as often as I should, but I will say that the pad that you are standing on is super important. I spent $100+ on mine and it makes all the difference. I have lower back issues and this mat really helps. It is firmer than it looks.

Standing Mat


My lower-back issues have been going away since I started stretching my Quads and Hip Flexors every day religiously.

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