Star Citizen Alpha Package Giveaway!



Great Star Citizen Giveaway

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 will be upon us soon™. As such, I have procured a shiny new game package for any members who have been hesitant to get their feet wet in what will be an amazing game. Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 marks the beginning of a playable alpha of all basic features, starting with multi-crew ships in a large world space environment, complete with missions and locations to explore.


Package - Mustang Alpha AC Starter, which includes the following:

  • Mustang Alpha
  • 3 Month Insurance
  • 1,000 UEC
  • SelfLand Hanger
  • Squadron 42 Digital Download
  • Star Citizen Digital Download
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual

In addition, anyone who enters will receive 5,000 UEC (via referral program). UEC can be used to buy weapons, ship components, or hanger decorations.


  • Must be a member of prior to November 16.
  • Must not be a Star Citizen backer.

How to enter

Enter by creating an account using the following referral link: ( AND/OR by posting your current account information in this thread. (Please do not enter if you already have pledged to Star Citizen, the intent of this giveaway is to introduce a new player to the game.)

Drawing a winner

A winner will be selected at random from a list of all eligible entries. Winner will be announced on Strats Weekly November 23.


  1. @lyteforce
  2. @Philspaz
  3. @Wayward
  4. @Kellock93
  5. @MrSavage
  6. @PreshusKitty



me me me


If you’re entering please post your RSI account name, or use my referral link to make an account. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is pretty darn awesome! Just want you to know that.


My RSI account name is Philspazer, moniker and handle is Philspaz. I’m not backing them, I used someone’s referral link on a past post, don’t remember who… I’ve been looking forward to this for I think a year maybe longer, I just can’t afford $45 on it :frowning:


Haha. You used my referral link! Entered!


RSI Account: xwaywardx



Yes, this pleases me!


Always wanted to try, but kinda lacked the time to do so ^^


(RSI screen name)


If you set up an account don’t forget to apply to join the Strats Org


AND have a game package. Just an account alone apparently isn’t enough. :sob:


Auth just suggested I should play this game -_- I guess when I get home tonight I’m gonna be entering your drawing :stuck_out_tongue:


I see how it is. Listen to @Auth, not sennish.


I am married to @Auth not @senNish. And it is kinda hard for us to actually find games we can play together. So yet another game I am going to see if we can play together but my guess is he will play it very differently than me and I will have to find someone else to hang out with xD (He loves the pvps, me, not so much)


You can hang with me kitty…I’ve got an 8 man crew Endeavor fitted with 4 farming pods so I’m gonna need some help :smile:


As long as we don’t end up with too much PVP, sounds like fun :slight_smile:


I’m gonna stay as far away from pvp as I can get…not my cup of tea.


Well @PreshusKitty enter the giveaway already lol.


Got myself one of those p52 Merlins. They’re pretty fun.