Star Citizen Fleet Image


I know people may not be as invested of me, but I had to show off my generated fleet image from


That’s pretty awesome. There’s a great subreddit all about spaceships like that. Can’t think of it.


Found it.


I like the conspiracy theory posted in the reddit thread that the guy running that is part of a pirate org that’s collecting data on people to target since they’re verifying your account and then getting you to reveal your hanger contents. Makes a touch of sense since there’s no good reason you should have to verify your account just to use a tool that exists in other formats, but also seems like a really long con, especially since CIG made it a staff pick on the website back in January. Still, it’s plausible, I suppose.

Also, that fleet it damn impressive. Some day I’ll be able to get on my Merchantman.


I read the controversy afterward and it prompted me to add two factor authentication to my account. :grin:


I mean, it’s not like they have your username, so it’s pretty whatever from that standpoint (since your username/account name has to be different from your login name), but yeah, 2 factor whenever possible, IMO


Nice, looks like I’m gonna throw in with you when this game becomes a thing. :smiley:


See you in 2028!


Should of known better than to post about SC in this salt mine.


Yeah, the @Vocino sarcasm setting is all out of wack; I’ll see if we can get it tweaked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Don’t avoid the salt, exploit it.

Actual patch notes:
Farmed salt from the community for usage later.