Star Citizen Free Fly week 2.4.1



If you are curious about SC or want to check back in, now’s a pretty good time to try it without pledging for a package. You’ll have 3 fighters to try out, including the newest, OP Sabre. You can sign up for freefly even if have a package so you can check out these ships if don’t have.

My code for referral which gives us both some goodies: STAR-FG53-MN2M

Quick start guide to FreeFly week by reddit /user/Liudeius
There’s some other good beginner guides on reddit and also by youtuber boredGamer

State of the Game (3 modes at the moment):

  1. Hangar, basic place to check out your ships. nuff said.

  2. Arena Commander (AC): Solo or Multiplayer (CoOp, PvP or Team PvP) Dogfighting, racing, or freeflight. Good framerates but multiplayer pvp can get buggy if too many playing (greater than 8??) Multiplayer earns you credits which can be used to rent ships for AC or weapons/mods good for AC and mini PU.

  3. Mini Persistent Universe (PU). Persistent multiplayer world with a main space port, several small quantum leap zones (not the FTL type yet). missions/quests, a pvp FPS based spacestation (not a port where you can log on or off yet), plus openworld pvp, a little exploration in asteroid belts where you can find guns, and loot (cigars and alcohol currently) that gives you credits. --Still buggy, especially clipping issues and network code. Frame rates are fairly low no matter how beastly your system due to poor network code. (They are completely replacing cryengines netcode to fix this, should but out this fall)

Squadron 42, the single player game is looking to be out late 2016/early 2017.

Star Citizen, the large MMO world will see beta next year after that but they are continuing on the alpha mini PU as well as assets get finished in the SQ42 that can be brought over. 2.5 should be out within a week or two and will have a new Outlaw asteroid base location, called Grim Hex–looks cool, google it :slight_smile: Also should have procedurally generated worlds in by end of 2016 after/with the new netcode.

Hype video (all current ingame footage):

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As always, amazing visuals but is it a game yet? Right now it’s 3d art. Beautifully done and really cool looking but it’s not really a game.

In constrast, a lot of elements in EVE Online feel like art. The videos that people make with the HUD off in huge battles, the amazing character creation, etc. But there’s an actual game there, too.



Should really compare it to what is releasing currently.

Elite: Dangerous

EVE: Valk

No Man Sky

Compared to each the major setback point for SC is that it has a super small game world cuuurently with one system.

Variety, SC wins hands down.

Gameplay options, Elite wins by default since Valk doesn’t have many features and NMS and SC aren’t released yet.


Yes. I get it’s not the game yet, but it is a game. :confused:


Getting the game installed now for the free fly week. I wanna get into this game and see what all is happening at the moment. It is looking mighty fine though, and seems to have a ton of potential.


definetly try out the free fly week tomorrow. Sad part is all the delays and lawsuits, and blowback form this game. I have a really hard time putting my money behind a project like this with an asshole running it, and so many failed promises.

Hope to enjoy the free fly week, but wont invest for sure until the actual release, if we ever see it :slight_smile:


That seems like a valid point. Perhaps it feels so incomplete because of the enormous scope proposed.


Besides CR and team vastly underestimating the time it would take to complete such a large project scope as this (definitely a disappointment but not the first nor last by any ambitious creator), most of the other stuff has been blatant trolling by others and RSI’s poor handling of said trolling last year.


There hasn’t been any lawsuits. Lol? Not sure I understand the idea of Chris Roberts being an asshole either…


Its hard to tell whats true and whats not regarding the interviews that’s been done with his prior staff and the full interview with the escapist. But theres enough complaints and alligations from different folks, that at least makes me feel theres some truth behind it (even if its only 10 percent). I just have a hard time investing in someone like that, or if it was truly trolling, how he handled it, was pretty poor.
And ya, there wasn’t any lawsuits, but there were threats thrown around.