Star Citizen game play with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Flight Joystick


I bought this last night, well this morning, when we were all on mumble drooling over ships and Star Citizen in general. Its only $32 and it looks awesome. The guy in the video liked it too.


You’re on a Star Citizen spending spree!


yeah I’ve had that one for a while. It works pretty well.


same one i have as well. looking forward to using it in Star Citizen when the game is actually worth checking out.


I use this joystick as well. I feel like there’s just enough buttons for me. I have no problem using my keyboard along with the joystick. I turn my keyboard at about a 45 deg angle and place the stick between kb and mouse when flying.

Here’s the default layout for the Logitech stick.


I used an old Microsoft Sidewinder back in the day for Battlefield 1942, but I honestly felt completely gimped by it; unless someone makes and can sell me on an awesome 6-axis controller, I’ll be rocking the tried-and-true mouse and keyboard method. I’m personally not willing to sacrifice precision and ease for the limited feeling a joystick gives me.