Star Citizen: MISC Reliant Concept Sale Live!



Following on the success of the Freelancer “Built for Life” campaign, MISC has begun development of a smaller, introductory-class spacecraft that can be operated by a single pilot. Although roughly designed to compete with the RSI Aurora and the Consolidated Outlands Mustang, the Reliant is a very different animal. From the broad, sleak wings to the multiple flight modes and the second, fully-articulated crew seat, the Reliant is a small ship with a great deal of potential!

$50 Standalone Ship


As promised. Bought 3.


I feel like this was heavily influenced by the B-Wing.

I really like it’s horizontal landing config and vertical flight mode.

The concept of Tier II starter ships makes me feel like the Terrapin will be coming out later this year. I’ll hold out for that as a mining ship. I’ll consider this for my mini-hauler since I passed on the Hull A.


I definitely want to have this ship, even though I already have Hull-B. If I change my mind I can always melt them for $150 towards other ships.


Meh… I’ll stick with my combat modded 315p


It’s important to remember the ABBS system. Always Be Buying Ships.


I use the MFKTAMM system

My fracking kids take all my money.


Points for using frack