Star Citizen Multi-crew ship footage from Gamescom Livestream




This will be like the extreme fun we had in Guns of Icarus x1000!


I know right


Oh man that looks epic, I’m sold. Now I need to figure out what to get ship wise.


I keep brainstorming for a Strats angle in this game.

Maybe we should start a roaming refueling/repairing service. Gas, window washing and a Slurpie.

StratsCo sounds like a good type of fuel.


It sounds like a corporation hell bent on intergalactic domination.


We should advertise that we are building an all inclusive resort type planet. We can really talk it up, get really creative at explaining all the great features it will have and how they will benefit the other players.

Once we build some interest, we can Crowdfund this “project” within the game. We will solicit revenue (in the form of donation) from these users and offer in return exclusive access to exotic locations within our “resort” as well as name stuff in their honor.

Any idea someone gives about features our resort planet should have will be greeted with excitement. We will tell them “it’s in there!”, “we are working on that as we speak” and what not. No matter how impossible something sounds we will just run with it. It will all be smoke and mirrors anyway…

Once we have obtained a small fortune we can use it to further our real objective, total domination of the entire universe.


Well I mean, I was just planning on being a pirate, boarding ships n stuff- but that works too.


In that case, let me purchase this Love Boat and I’ll play captain.


Can we take donations to buy ships to make donations to Star Citizen?


I’m not really sure what that means, but Yes! To be quite honest, we have a team of industry leading programmers that are currently coding an app that will do that for you. :wink:



Will the app be able to be used on an open-source android though? And where are my T-Shirts?


All kidding aside, it seems that there will be more roles to be filled in these larger multi crew vessels. It would seem that they are encouraging other players to set aside aspirations of being the “captain” of the ship by creating crew stations where they can take part in the action in a supportive fashion.

I have not dug in enough to know all the details, but it looks like Electronic Warfare and Scanning/radar, or some for of, will be in the mix.

It is kinda like a raid team, they are just replacing DPS, tank, and Healer with Spock and McCoy.


The Plane, the plane is awesome! I hope that I will stumble across someone with one of these babies, take it from them and leave them sucking vacuum.