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If you haven’t been keeping track, Star Citizen will soon be releasing alpha 2.4 (It’s only on ptu for subscribers currently but should be available to all accounts within a week).

This will bring an in-game store, persistence to characters and ship loadouts, and they’ve quashed a lot of bugs. (It’s still not perfect and they have a lot to expand on yet, but its actually becoming an enjoyable game and you can definitely get a lot of practice flying and dogfighting. Most of the small ships are flyable and a few of the medium and large size ones are flyable, including the large Starfarer. See @senNish recent post.

There is FP pvp and you can become an outlaw or defender as well. You can go in as a group in the baby PW. Possibly @Biff_Tannen can expand more on some of the exciting things coming but not sure if released from the NDA yet.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, use my referral code STAR-FG53-MN2M to get 5,000 ingame credit when you purchase a starter package. I’d also recommend that anyone that’s had issues just running the game in past, completely uninstall before downloading/installing 2.4 once released.

Here’s a vid of a Starfarer that had a pirate stowaway with crew hunting him/her down:

and the reddit post


The NDA has been completely lifted so I can answer any questions about it.


Nice! Basically anything exciting I missed here that’s being added in 2.4 or soon?


#New Missions
Well there are new missions for the defenders to defend Kareha from pirates. This includes an armory and a security computer that tells you which airlocks are being opened. Also missions to hunt down wanted folks and defenders.

There are cases of Whiskey, Cigars and Big Benny’s noodles that can be recovered for aUEC.

#Port modification tool
that can be seen in my video here (NSFW) (potty mouth)

#New armors, flight suits and clothes.
(You will die if you try to leave an airlock without a space suit.)

#Gun Shop


Awesome! Love the little dance too :smiley:

Those nodes look a little tricky to target for mods or is that my imagination?


Yeah it’s definitely a WIP