Star Citizen Patch 3.3.5 Live AND Free Fly Week



Good Morning Fellow Strategists.

Free Fly Week

Star Citizen is opening to all players, backers or otherwise, for a week of free access to the game and access to every flyable ship currently in the game. Starting November 23th and ending November 30th.

If you have not already made an account, consider using my referral code when signing up and get 5,000 free Credits.

Patch 3.3.5

This patch includes a large expansion to the playable area, namely the addition of the planet Hurston, its landing zone city Lorville, and the surrounding moons, and comes at the heels of patch 3.3, which has boosted performance remarkable with the first live version of Object Container Streaming (OCS).


Hurston is the first explorable planet in the Star Citizen playable universe, featuring diverse biomes and earth-like vegetation.


Lorville is the major city and landing zone on the planet Hurston, complete with its own train system for moving players to various areas of the city.


Hurston Moons

The addition of the Hurston planet includes it’s four moons, Arial, Aberdeen, Magda, and Ita.


The visuals are looking amazing as usual. I’ll install it for the free week and see where it’s at since I do own a ship somewhere.

Are there things to do in the game yet besides explore? Any RPG elements?


Missions available are either combat or delivery oriented. You can also buy, transport, and sell commodities between locations.


Sounds cool!