Star Citizen: SOON!



Star Citizen 3.0 is tentatively set to release the end of June! (So expect July or August :wink: ) This will include the planetary tech and be the real beginning of Persistent World exploration.

Full Schedule details.

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I’d highly recommend getting a little flight time in between now and June if you haven’t played it at all. There is a learning curve to the space flight sim aspects of the game, especially if you want to go all out and use HOTAS or dual joysticks.

Star Citizen: Building a Schedule for a Universe

Star Citizen | Outposts & Locations 3.0

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I’m glad to see some persistent universe work at least.

If they release before then they’re going to release some other game that isn’t what Star Citizen was billed as though. If this game doesn’t have a massive persistent universe on the scale of Eve then it’s really a decent space flight sim with super high res textures.

This universe, the economics, the persistence, was the value proposition back on Kickstarter. I’ve always been of the opinion that Star Citizen should have started there and then slowly ramped up the visuals.


Except that wasn’t the original kickstart iirc it was to be the single player SQ42 and then stretched into the PW and just kept growing.
That scope blowup and additional scope creep later plus choice of engine to start with is what bogged them down imo.

I don’t expect until next year the kind of large scale universe you’re hoping for. Basically we’re getting a solar system this year and once all the bugs n kinks and hopefully some optimization gets done, the rest should start coming in quickly.


Fall can’t come soon enough!

This will really start shaping into a real game people can dive into at that point.


That’s interesting. You may be right. That’s not what I remember but I’m not sure. Maybe it was a stretch goal?

Either way, I really want it to happen. The universe with all the commerce and piracy and stuff is what really makes the game vision amazing.



And that stretch goal was worth more than the campaign itself.


Yeah, I really want them to straight up snipe a good MMO based player market. If they do, the online experience will be astounding.

The Private and solo play experience was removed entirely aside from SQ42 right?


Other than you can setup a private session in arena commander, and maybe star marine, yes.


It’s weird seeing this now, knowing its almost funded for 150 million lol.


I really want this to be a thing… I’m losing faith. I guess we will see in June.


But we finally got that head update you waited for; how can you lose faith now? :wink:


It is just drawing out so much. Even this release is just a taste. There is just still so far to go.


Don’t give up!!!
It’s still a ways away but I already would rather play Star Citizen as it is than Elite Dangerous. Just feels more alive and responsive despite the huge size difference. With 3.0 out late this summer, I could see playing a decent amount until next year when they start releasing other star systems.