Star Citizen: The 411



Alright, in an effort to try and figure out what the hell Star Citizen actually is, I’m creating this topic to ask you guys who have probably been digging into it long before I have. I have no problems keeping this updated with information (though I think most of you can edit it anyway if you wanted), but I really want to know about Star Citizen.

The website itself is super vague and convoluted, and doesn’t give me the information I’m looking for. What do I have to pay for? How much does everything cost? Is there a reoccuring monthly fee to play? Am I going to lose shit when they come out of alpha? What’s the gameplay like (sure… I could probably look this up, but if anyone streams it, link me your videos)? Basically, a 30,000 foot view of what Star Citizen is, why the hype over it, what can I expect, that sort of thing.

I’m literally coming at this with zero information (outside of the bare minimums I could glean around the web/here). I basically created an account and am now staring at it like :dickbutt:


This video is a good start.


OMG this dude has a ton of videos on youtube…im in heaven watching them all…specially the one about which controller is the best for the game!! who’d of thought…lol


I’ll give a rundown of what I know so far (really the stuff that I go nerd-mode on):

FPS - I love to play first-person shooter games. One can actively enter and exit their vehicle. I can board another player’s vessel. I can kill said player and take their ship.
Trade - It’ll be a player driven society and economy. Trade will be crucial. There was a concept recently revealed called the MISC Hull series. Really cool looking ships used for trade.
Systems - I can turn off the gravity, divert shields, connect all controls to just my seat and turn off the lights in my own ship. Same can be said for anyone unfriendly boarding the ship.
Different ways to fly - I can use a HOTAS stick and throttle, mouse and keyboard or a controller to control my vehicle. I like the variety in that. Currently, it seems mouse and keyboard has a bit of an edge.
It’s a Simulator! - Seriously, it’s a space-simulator. Flying isn’t that easy and takes some practice. The physics are really good and if I don’t use my thrusters to control my movement I’ll fly into an asteroid or some other object.


Well, I found what I’m going to be doing now.


Haha, indeed. I’ve selected a military craft. In fact, I’ll be honest. I want to shoot people in face (in game of course) so all of my ships will be loaded to the teeth. If I can board and smear the blood of my enemies within the corridors of their ship, then I shall be happy.