Star Citizen Top Gear Trailer

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Awesome! Has anyone played either Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous? I’m very intrigued by both. I’m wondering if either one is worth my time and money yet.

I play quite a bit of star citizen and personally find it a hell of a lot of fun already. Flying the ships feels incredible, the handling, weapon systems, and different combat mechanics really make the game. It definitely has a high skill cap and is not that dependent on what ship you get as long as you can fly. However on that point I would at least recommend buying into the 300 series if you are interested. The 300 series has insanely good maneuverability and speed which is what I’ve found to be key to winning fights. Ships like the hornet just throw raw strength without any kind of finesse and any half decent 300 pilot can just outmaneuver the hornet and make short work of it. Overall I have high hopes for the game.

I’d love to see a topic in this category with a breakdown of what ship you should buy for what playstyle. As someone that has been putting off buying in but really loves the concept, I’m not sure where to start at this point.

What kind of controls are you using to fly? How much for a 300 series ship? I understand you don’t pay for the game but u buy a ship. Is that right?

I think this link really answers your questions.

I’m on my phone so I can’t paste the link’s content in. (I’ll update when I’m back on my desktop)

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