Star Citizen Weekly Fly Night


This was mentioned before, but with 2.3 dropping over the weekend, we should start doing it! If anyone is interested I’d like to start getting together on Friday or another weekend day.


Didn’t this patch have the fuel freighter included? I never did buy that ship but I have been interested in it for quite a while. I would like to see it sometime.


Yes. The starfarer is in hanger. It’s not flyable yet. Maybe next patch.


How many people here have access to the game?


I could make a Friday night


I’m up for it




i will try to be there!


Is this game out yet?


Why can’t I downvote the foreigner?


welcome to my world, I often ask that very thing



“Look, honey. It’s the end of time. Star Citizen should be coming out soon.”


Who’s ship is the party on and is someone bringing the keg or is it byob?