Star Citizen, what you have been missing



##So… Why should you play Star Citizen?

I know there has been a lot of doubt/jokes about not being able to do anything in Star Citizen. I have been playing a lot lately and I thought I would make a video showing you all some of the stuff you can do in the game as of now.

I would recommend copying your account to the PTU (Which is currently open for everyone) and playing there as it is more stable than the live version. There are a few bugs still but it’s actually pretty stable. There is one part where I am flying and my character looks down for a bit that seems like a bug but that is actually my character passing out from excessive Gs.

###How do you copy your account to the PTU?
That’s how.

Enjoy the video and hopefully this will get more people to pledge and will make current pledgers come back.

##If you like my video and decide you want to pledge, please use my referral link for the work I did :smile:


Looking pretty cool. The zero gravity is a very interesting dynamic. How far off is a persistent universe?


As you can see the missiles are quite broken at the moment lol


This is a mini version of the persistent universe that they will be building the rest of it from. Soon we will have planetary landings in here as well.

They are also releasing mag boots too for the zero g so you don’t have to float everywhere.


Ooo 2.1.0 is lookin good!


I wish my PC was still up and running. I love my PS4 & Xbox but games like these makes me miss the PC. It is also nice to see Star Citizen coming along well.


Why are there no games like this for current gen consoles?


Im also pretty excited for No Man’s Sky. That will be on next gen.


Looks pretty sweet. Last time i played it was after 2.0, played for a couple of days.

I also want to try No Mans Sky


What is next gen? Have they said a release date on it?


Mainly they couldn’t run it with their current hardware and SC’s current optimization. Also because the people behind SC built it specifically for PC gamers with nice rigs.

There are games that might somewhat scratch your itch that will be coming out or is already out, No Man’s Sky as Biff mentioned above, and Elite Dangerous. Though in Elite Dangerous you stay in your ship. Who knows in the future with some really great optimization and some other changes maybe we’ll see SC on a console, I’m not holding my breath though for it to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.


PS4 and XBONE are still being called “next gen.”