Star Trek Bridge Crew



Hello Strats. I have been inactive for a while but have been lurking. I got myself a Rift and STBC. Looking for some people to explore strange new worlds with. Does anyone play this?


I don’t have VR yet, but I want it. Probably waiting until the next big headset release. But if I get my hands on a headset I’d totally play with you.

I know @Auth has a Vive.


You can play without VR it’s just not as cool.


Maybe I’ll pick it up if it’s on sale, since I know I’m likely getting VR eventually.


Wasn’t there a Black Mirror episode about this?


Yeah, that was a creepy episode. I never leave my coffee cup unattended anymore…


@Biff_Tannen - Remember when I said I’d pick it up if it’s on sale?

How do you say no for $17?


contact me on discord and let me know when you want to play… i use occulus…


Dan I should have waited a week


Yes, you should have.

And don’t call me Dan.


This makes me want to break out the Oculus for the first time in forever.


Get it done


Dont you mean:



Total missed opportunity. How will I ever forgive myself?



Do we have a decent amount of VR users in Strats? Don’t know if it’s worth talking about games and what not. On that note, Robo Recall is awesome.


Ehh. I don’t have it yet, but I certainly want to get it.

And talking about it is good. Maybe knowing they’d have people to play with will be the catalyst for people to get it.


I’m not familiar with how the Rift used to be but I got it with the touch and it seems to be as good as the vive to me. Plus if you are lucky enough to live near a Microcenter you can get the Marvel bundle for 350$.


That pretty much sums up everything I’ve read (minus people from “team vive”).


Yeah my friend has a Vive and was skeptical about the Rift. I played his all the time and I ignored his recommendations and bought a Rift. I don’t see a difference with the tracking and resolution and such. Plus I like the Rift controllers better because of the joysticks and they feel more ergonomic to me.

I do recommend getting a 3rd sensor though as it is kind of a pain when you turn around and lose tracking.