Star Trek Bridge Crew



Figure I put this all here for anyone who might be looking to get VR an join in.

There is no difference in resolution. It’s near consensus that the Rift headset is more comfortable and looks very slightly better. The Rift headset also comes with built-in audio, where you need to buy an accessory for the Vive; which may or may not be a big deal. If you’re an audio nerd like me you’d be using your own headphones anyways.

Controllers are preference (I like the Rift ones a lot more).

Vive has an advantage when it comes to tracking since it can do room scale out of the box (Rift needs a 3rd sensor to do it well), and has a larger max play space. Although in most people’s use case the additional space doesn’t make much of a difference.

Vive sensors just need a wall plug, where Rift sensors need to plug in to your computer via USB which makes them more of a pain to set up.

Even coming with built in audio AND buying an extra sensor the Rift still ends up a decent amount cheaper than the Vive. The Vive was able to justify its higher price when it first came out with the Rift not having motion controllers, but now that the Rift has controllers (and much better ones IMO) it makes the Rift a much better buy for most people.


I think this really hits the nail on the head; if you bought in early-ish, Vive was the fairly obvious choice, but at this point (especially with the Vive Pro not filling the shoes folks expected it to), Rift is probably the better option for new adopters.


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