Star Wars Battlefront Beta - Oct 8!



Just announced today that the Star Wars Battlefront beta will be available Oct 8-12 on all platforms. No sign-up or preorder is required. Find it on the PSN Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, or Origin.

There will be a level cap of five (5). Progress will not carry over to launch.

Battlefront PS4 Open Beta

Dude, October is turning in to the month of games!


The entire fall season is huge. It even carries over into early 2016 with Battleborn. I’m actually excited about games!


Wait so it’s going to be a full open beta?


Open to everyone, yes. No purchase necessary. Try before you buy.


That’s pretty unprecedented for a AAA release like that—especially from EA. Usually things like that are part of some pre-order bonus package.

Good for them.


I’m just as surprised but the link I provided says no need to register and open to everyone, all platforms.


Yeah I actually opened up my laptop to make sure I could read the article correctly. I agree, seems like it’s fully open on all platforms.

The huge boon here is that presumably we can try it on both PC and PS4 and see what we like.


IIRC, they did something similar with BF3, though I’m not sure if that was on all platforms or not, I played the open beta on xbox 360.


It just got real. #MyBodyIsReady


I find this fishy, especially when MGO was suppose to go Live on October 6. Feel like this is there way to take the spotlight away. Granted I’ll still try it out (As I hope the game will turn out good) but I will be keeping my eye on this one.


The hype is real!


I already have 2 Origin accounts, so I’ll be in this one.


Cant wait :smiley:


This is awesome news! I’m on the fence about the game, so I’m glad I can try it out. EA must be very confident in how it will perform/be received.


I’ve been following this for some time now, stoked!



Same with BF Hardline


Who is going to rock the Beta on Xbox One?
I am! GT: One Man System