Star Wars Battlefront producer defends game to skeptics, reveals more maps





They’re making a game that’s for current gen consoles, yet still less impressive than it’s predecessors, and they think revealing more maps is going to make us cream our pants so much that we’d forget about the technical aspects?

Listen Battlefront, you’re a multiplayer shooter. Of course you’re going to have maps. You’ll probably have a ton of them to be exact. Many of them will probably cost me a ton of money as paid DLC. The problem is that you focused so much on the advanced graphics you forgot to make the gameplay better. In fact, it seems you actually realized your limited time, money, and manpower meant you couldn’t blow us away with the graphics unless you rolled back your efforts on the gameplay. Then you literally engaged in triage to amputate otherwise necessary and expected gameplay items to save resources. Don’t you people realize that today’s gamers can’t be shocked and awed, and that eventually they’re going to begin looking up the gemplay and technical specs to compare them to your game’s competition and its predecessors?


Meanwhile, Call of Duty continues to put out a new game every year and sells millions of copies. Is it for the gameplay that hasn’t changed in 10 years? Or the graphics that also have changed relatively little in that same amount of time? :laughing:


It sucks when there’s people (DICE) who seem to be passionate about a franchise and about getting the chance to make something about Star Wars, which they love, and everyone just craps on it.

I understand first hand how annoying it can be to work on something and have the public ridicule you because they don’t have all the facts.

I’m excited about Battlefront because Star Wars. I’m not sure if I’ll preorder it yet or not but I’m assuming at this point that I’ll probably play it.

Some of these people act like they’ve already paid full price for something and been scammed.


COD gamers are a breed of their own. That entire franchise doesn’t even need to have a story mode, just multiplayer. It’s become video game crack for kids. You can’t expect them to behave like regular people when they’re addicted to crack.


It’s funny how often we see this kind of thing now that there are widely used public forums like Reddit. It seems like it’s become almost necessary for a Developer to defend their game nowadays.

It’s kind of sad that if you want to develop a game now you have to be ready to fight off a bunch of “Back Seat Developers” who think that since they play a lot of video games and know how to work the Google on the Internet Machine that they are now game developers.


The way I see it, if we’re talking about a brand new title or franchise then I’m only going to have the expectations the developer provides me based on their marketing. If they can’t meet those expectations then perhaps they promised too much and provided too little. They should probably not explain too much and lower expectations so they have a better chance of positive feedback.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about an old title or old franchise then the developer already has expectations set by all the previous editions. If they can’t provide a product which meets those expectations then they should take a good hard look at their practices and decide if their company is really going in the right direction. Did they spend most of their resources on better graphics and stripped gameplay content to make up for lost time? Did they take the franchise in a totally new creative direction just because they have someone in the creative department who thinks he has cool ideas?

No one is saying Battlefront looks like crap. We realize the footage we’ve seen isn’t necessarily gameplay visuals. We’re okay with that, the gaming community has gotten use to that. We want awesome cut scene footage and trailers, we just don’t want to be lied to about it being gameplay footage. And most of the complaining I heard (starting around day two) was in reference to the gameplay content, not the visuals. Complaining about a lack of gameplay content in relation to previous editions is totally justified.


Well to be fair, I saw the actual gameplay personally and first hand on PS4 and it looked really nice.

I think you have to ask yourself the same thing the developers spoke to at Star Wars Celebration last weekend: “What would make you feel really immersed in the Star Wars universe?”

I can tell you that even though I didn’t get to drive an AT-AT or play as Darth Vader, being a rebel trooper on the ground in this new Battlefront game 100% felt like an immersive Star Wars experience.