[Star Wars: Battlefront] STCO Clan: Strats (PS4)



As we’re not sure what the clan functions of the game will be yet, this is a placeholder.

E3 Trailer

Fighter Squadron

Coop Missions


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So is PS4 official? Can we make a roster so I can decide which I buy based on who I like more?


I don’t think there’s any “official” but I plan on playing on PS4 and thus made this thread. There’s interest in other platforms as well.


But I need to be told what to do… :frowning:


PS4 then, go!


Guess I have a month to think about it, every time I start to think about what platform I want to play on I shift toward PC just enough to remember Origin…



I will most likely be picking this up on PS4


Already preordederd on PC, it ran too good to ignore on 980 @ 1440p/144hz


Yaay I wont be alone :wink:


I’ll be on PS4. I think a majority of us are on PS4.